How to Find the First Client for Your Online Fitness Classes? 5 Ways to Make Your First Sale

Finding the first client for your online fitness classes is a crucial milestone for an entrepreneur. However, sealing the deal on your first attempt sometimes takes focus and time. The more effort you put, the easier it will be for you to get your target customers through the door.

Best Ways to Motivate Your First Client for Buying

Below are the sure-fire ways to make your first sale:

1. Reach Out to Your Existing Contacts

Asking your past clients is a great way to find the first client for your online fitness classes. Avoid just hitting people with your deal. Restart a conversation and find out if this can help them. It might perhaps offer your online training services to the interested ones.

Remember, there are plenty of other people trying to get personal training clients, and you need to stay ahead of them. Here is how you can do this:

  • When reaching out to your existing contacts, tell them what you are up to and make them understand that you provide personalized fitness plans just for them.
  • Keep up with the latest nutrition data and exercise.
  • Make them feel special by ensuring you will be there for them and adjust their plan to help them accomplish their goals.
  • Offer promotions and discounts to motivate them.
  • Mention that you are trying to increase brand awareness of your company. It will help them take action and help you out.
  • Avoid contacting people you have not talked to for many years.

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2. Share Your WOFH Website On Your Social Profiles

Social media is nowadays helping people get fit. Sharing your profesional fitness site on your social media profiles is one of the effective ways to allow your target market to find you online.

When you create your own fitness site, it showcases to your clients that you are more serious about what you are doing. It will also create a long-lasting and professional impression on the clients. Remember, the best way to build an excellent personalized fitness site with ease is to use WOFH software.

When clients browse your site for personal training plans and advice that you provide, it will also boost your online visibility and grow your network. This ultimately helps you gain more inbound links for your content organically. Keep the following pointers in your mind while buiding a site for your fitness business:

  • Before sharing your site, make sure you optimize it for relevant keywords. It will be more likely to rank higher in Google search engine results.
  • Make sure you have real profiles that that share your background, information, and achievements.
  • Share your fitness journey on the site with like-minded people to keep them motivated for a long time.
  • Make sure business contact information is correct, and you have a great fitness blog section where you post regularly.
  • Always list your certifications and training you may possess.

3. Join Online Communities 

Joining online communities is another great way to find first client for your online fitness classes.. You can join Facebook groups, post on Reddit, or hunt communities in your niche where your target clients are more frequent.

After you have built up a great reputation, share a link to your store with a discount code. You can also use these online communities to get expert advice and support from savvy entrepreneurs.

But avoid waiting until someone mentions you. Instead, start answering questions in groups that your target clients might be hanging out it.

a) FB Fitness Group

Building a Facebook page is great for your fitness business. But it’s not much help unless your target audience sees your posts. Join several industry-related Facebook groups.

It will allow you to meet prospective clients, connect with colleagues, and become a reliable source. The following tips and tricks will let you build a strong bond with your clients and increase sales:

  • Always respond to likes, comments, and interact with other group members.
  • When a group member has any issue or question related to what you do, be the first to provide expert advice. As you answer their questions, you become a trustworthy source for them.
  • Show yourself to be a pro in your niche.
  • Use the search feature in Facebook groups. It will allow people to return and see if someone has answered a question earlier.
  • Join a few groups and become an active member.

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b) Instagram

Instagram marketing is a valuable tool for fitness businesses when used correctly. This social media platform is a great place to share the visual content. With a business profile, you can do more marketing-focused things to increase your fitness business reach and generate new leads. You can even find the first client for your online fitness classes and make your first sale successfully.

Keep the following pointers in mind when using Instagram for fitness classes online:

  • Create an impressive ad displaying the different fitness programs you offer to drive sales.
  • Post amazing nutritional recipes with pictures.
  • Show how to master different exercises.

Remember, your customers will see what you are doing and want to try it out. It will allow you to maximize your audience engagement.

c) Reddit

Reddit is one of the underutilized social media marketing platforms. It allows users to discuss and vote on content that others have submitted. Redditors have the freedom to use the platform in any way they desire.

They can treat it like a news feed or become an active participant to submit topics. The platform features tons of subreddits depending on the particular fitness-related topic.

  • Offer the best answers to questions posted on your niche.
  • Add a link to your fitness blog at the end.
  • Post and share original and high-value content. 

4. Try to Make Facebook Ads with a Small Budget to Send Traffic to Your WOFH Website

As a fitness studio owner, you can also benefit from Facebook ads to find first client for your online fitness classes. You can tailor exactly who your target audience will be.

Your business account will help you boost brand awareness by increasing your audience of followers and everyday social media reach. Use the pages that you most individuals have liked to create perfect buyer profiles for your ad reach.

You can even push traffic to your WOFH site for a particular service or product. The bonus part – you can create engaging Facebook ads by spending less than $50 per month. This trick is recommended for the fitness studio owners who have a clear idea of who their ideal customers are and what they love.

5. Ask for Referrals

It is sometimes a neglected way to find the first client for your online fitness classes. But it is what helps you make successful in the fitness business. Today, clients prefer to use a recommendation than search for their own personal trainer.

Asking your friends to recommend your online fitness training services to their friends is a good idea. Below are other people you can ask for referrals:

  • Current clients
  • Family members
  • Previous clients
  • People you meet at networking events. But be careful. Make sure you hit it off with the right person.
  • Contacts you have at local associations – like SCORE, SBA, etc.

If these people know someone, they will surely help you out. In case you get successful in accomplishing your mission, make sure you provide them free consultation or free access to your workout plans for a limited period.

Getting referrals may seem intimidating at first. But smart work and cohesion will help you increase your fitness business sales in no time.


After setting up your business, the next step is to determine how to find the first client for your online fitness classes. Effectively recruiting new clients will keep your business strong and increase sales for your business. Use our tricks to do that with ease. If you are looking for trustworthy software to manage your online fitness classes, use WOFH today.

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