Zumba Online: How to Teach Zumba on Zoom?

If you are wondering how to teach Zumba on Zoom, here is a complete guide for you. In the time of the pandemic, when the world is in lockdown, many industries have been severely affected, especially the dance industry. However, online dance classes have become the norm now.

People are nowdays organizing live dance and Zumba workshops on Zoom for dedicated people. But the teachers are having a hard time adapting to giving instructions online and teaching Zumba on Zoom.

Zumba teachers have to deal with the technology they might have little experience with, which can make you feel overwhelmed. Teachers need to make sure they follow the advice of the World Health Organization for social distancing while they teach Zumba on Zoom.

Best Ways to Teach Zumba on Zoom

Rather than spend hours figuring out and experimenting with Zoom tools, our guide features great tips to teach Zumba on Zoom, make your online classes better and ease your whole process.

1. Create Your Account on Zoom

To teach Zumba on Zoom and organize online Zumba classes, you first need to need to download Zoom and make an account on it. Zoom allows you to hold fitness sessions of up to 40 min for free. You can also hold a longer session. But it asks you to upgrade your Zoom account that costs a few pounds a month. 

Once you have signed up on Zoom, you can create a new meeting at a specific time, and Zoom will generate a special URL. This URL is the link to your online Zumba class on Zoom. Then you need to email this link to everyone who you want in your class. However, the best way to share the link is to use a platform for online teaching which is integrated with Zoom and sends the link for you.

2. Zoom Settings for Sound 

If you’re holding two Zumba classes simultaneously or playing music and talking at the same time, students may not be able to hear whatever you are saying clearly. This may be due to the glitches in your sound. 

While you teach Zumba on Zoom, if you want to see students, have them see you, and hear your music, just follow the given steps. These are to be done when your Zumba class has already started:

  1. At the base of the Zoom screen, click on ‘share.’
  2. Click on the ‘advanced’ tab at the top. 
  3. Select the ‘computer sound only’ option.
  4. At the bottom right-hand side of the screen, click on ‘share.’
  5. You will now see a green box at the top of your screen displaying: ‘You are sharing computer sound.’

‘Share Computer Sound Only’ option is selected to give your students access to the best quality of sound possible.

As your computer volume would probably be set to loud, so it is suggested that you lower your music volume to below five levels. Also, ask your students instead to turn the volume up on their systems. This will prevent an echo coming from your speakers to going to back to your students and allow you teach Zumba on Zoom the way you desire.

However, if you use the teaching tap or something similar, you need to search for the ‘suppress background noise settings.’ These are found in the updated version of Zoom and may differ depending on which Zoom you are using. To reach there, open the sound settings by pressing the arrow next to the mute button. After that, set the ‘Suppress background noise’ setting to low. 

How to Play Music?

If you want to play music on the device you are accessing Zoom from, you can do this with whatever program you usually use to play music. However, make sure the volume is very low, or it will overlap your voice for the students. 

If you are playing music on the windows media player, the volume level of 3/100 is the best. If you are using a Mac, and playing on Apple Music, set the volume to its lowest setting. 

But don’t forget to turn the volume of your device up to hear the music. Your voice will still be low while the music is playing simultaneously. But you will be heard. However, if you want to make your voice louder while you teach Zumba on Zoom, then you have to use an external microphone.

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Other Zoom Settings for Class

To teach Zumba on Zoom, you have to make other required settings as well. For example, make sure that all the students are muted. Otherwise, the sound and image will switch to them if any noise is detected in their background. This will disturb the other participants too. To mute them, follow the given steps:

  1. Click on the ‘manage participants’ button at the bottom of the Zoom window.
  2. In the pop-up window, click on ‘Mute All.’
  3. Close this pop-up window by clicking the down arrow on the top left-hand side and click on ‘close.’ 

This will mute all the participants. 

Further, when your Zumba Zoom class is finished, you have to close the Zoom meeting. To do so, click on the ‘End Meeting’ button in red text at the screen’s bottom right hand. In the pop-up window, click on the ‘End Meeting for All,’ and classes will be over for the day.

3. You Don’t Need to Dance All the Time

When you teach Zumba on Zoom, you will realize that people stare back at you constantly. In an online format, you don’t even have natural visual feedback.

Therefore, you can structure your Zumba classes such that there are ample numbers of sections of ‘Do it yourself.’ You can also use Zoom’s spotlight feature to your benefit by selecting people to dance it on their own. If your class is supposed for 30 minutes long, you could divide it into 8 minutes of teaching followed by 2 minutes of practice and “do it yourself” sections. 

4. Ensure a Stable Internet Connection Using Ethernet

An unstable network can spoil the flow of an activity and can frustrate your participants. So you need to ensure that the internet connection doesn’t keep freezing out. It may also result in poor video quality while you teach Zumba on Zoom.

This could happen either with you or one of your students. So, to get an uninterrupted session, ditch your Wi-Fi connection, and connect your device directly to your router via an Ethernet cable. Also, suggest the same to your students if they seem to be having internet issues.

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