How to Start an Online Fitness Business? – The Essential Guide 2020

Are you looking to start an online fitness business? Consider our best tips. Moving your fitness business online is a great idea amid COVID-19. It can be a daunting task, especially if you have no or minimal experience in this niche. Today, some enthusiastic personal trainers transition to full-time online training, while others prefer to consider hybrid personal training.

The beauty of starting a personal training business online is that you can train more audience online in less time and make more money. This helps you dedicate more time to growing your business. 

It also gives users more flexibility, more volume, and a wide variety of classes, unlike a conventional gym. In this article, we’ll explain how to get started as an online personal trainer and make your business rock.

Tips to Start an Online Fitness Business

Here are the best tips to start an online fitness business:

1. Understand Your Online Training Clients 

To earn and retain clients, it’s vital to understand your customers well. The majority of online personal training customers are not looking for a

one-size-fits-all solution. They want to get experience from a trustworthy trainer that helps them reach their fitness goals fast.

So when you start an online fitness business, make sure you focus on specific customer profiles. Remember, once you go online, your potential customer base is unlimited. If you have a current customer base, it’s time to attract them towards your online fitness business. Have a quick conversation with them. Ask them questions like:

  • What is the existing condition of your health?
  • What are your fitness goals?
  • How do you balance your other life priorities with your fitness training?
  • Whether they want to an online class through Zoom or Facebook Live

Based on the feedback, build a perfect customer profile for the customers that you think will invest in your services. 

2. Create a Robust Branding

Building a memorable and powerful brand is the key to the success of your online personal training business. It speaks to your target audience and entices them to stick around after you start an online fitness business. When any potential customer finds your fitness business on Google, it attracts them in.

Invest in an eye-catchy logo, vibrant color scheme, and a strong mission statement to improve your online visibility before you start an online fitness training business. It’s worth considering your target clients and the changes in fitness industry trends to keep your brand exciting.

Make sure your fitness brand:

  • Reflects you
  • Lure your target audience
  • You have updated and relevant logo

If you do not have a personal training certification yet, consider getting specialized certification and prepare for NASM-CPT or ACE-CPT Exams.

3. Build a Fantastic Fitness Training Website

Nowadays, selling personal training services is much different than it was five or ten years ago. It’s an excellent idea to start an online fitness business. Most people are searching online to find a personal trainer, try a new meal, or book a yoga class. 

Use advanced E-commerce and fitness technology to create a fully-functional and professional fitness site. It could help take your online personal training business to the next level.

An amazing fitness website can: 

  • Promote your business fast 
  • Help you to engage with new clients 
  • Allow people to access the required information quickly

Remember, you’ll gain more clients when your online presence is up-to-date. 

Professional fitness training website = More clients + More money

As you design your fitness website, think about your online personal training clients. What workout plans or subscription options will work best for them? It’s best to consider the following tips when you start an online fitness business:

  • Create an easy-to-navigate and engaging home page that clearly displays who you are as a trainer and what you do
  • Have a site with your personal training and videos included.
  • Tell site visitors how they can hire you and get your personal training services
  • Add an easy-to-contact options
  • Craft sales pages with good pictures, copywriting, videos, and testimonials that show the benefits of your training

4. Invest in Best Class Management Software for Online Fitness 

Investing in the best personal training software is also essential if you plan to sell your fitness services. It is easy to use for trainers and makes the entire process more efficient. Few personal training software even allows you to create your fitness site. 

It’s worth trying WOFH class management software for online fitness and yoga studio before you plan to start an online fitness business. It can help you manage plenty of aspects of your online fitness business like:

  • Scheduling online classes quickly
  • Processing payments
  • Send automated reminders before the start of your class
  • Facilitate your communication, etc.

5. Let Your Audience Notice You

After your professional fitness site is ready, it’s time to start an online fitness business marketing. Remember, gaining clients is not enough; you need to wow them too. Converting clicks is all about displaying to customers what you need to offer.

Below are a few tips to flex your promotional muscles:

  • When promoting your online personal training business, don’t forget to include testimonials from actual clients.
  • Do blogging at least once a month.
  • Leverage social media marketing
  • Create a professional-looking landing page and URL for each product or service 
  • Create affordable programs and subscriptions that your potential clients will love
  • Put fantastic service at the top of your list.
  • Do not make your audience read or search too much for what you are offering.
  • Add snippets of your workouts and your personality.
  • Create a healthy email list 

6. Master the Cross sell

Cross-selling to your existing clients is vital after you start an online fitness business so that they continue training with you. Creating special package deals keeps them motivated and engaged. Consider offering the following upselling services as an add-on to existing training packages:

  • Nutrition classes, ebooks or plans
  • Fitness classes or boot camps 
  • Lifestyle coaching services 
  • Livestream options

Cross-selling makes your clients more successful in accomplishing their health and fitness goals. It can even kick-start an online fitness business make you a more successful personal trainer.


Shifting your fitness business online is essential amid COVID 19 for survival right now. The perfect way to continue is to start your own personal training business online. Consider our tips to turn your personal training hobby into a lucrative business.

After you understood about how to start an online fitness business, create a robust plan about the future of digital fitness. Start including that vision into your existing exercise plans.

Mar Bovi

Mar has work experience in tech, her passion is to make complex concepts easily digestible. Writer with a passion for fitness and health who wants to make the world a more peaceful place. A nomadic soul speaking 4 languages who lived in many countries around the world.

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