How to Start a Fitness Blog and Generate Revenue?

If you have a fitness site, it’s time to know how to start a fitness blog to generate money. Today, millions of people are focused on getting fit. It has increased the demand for informative and high-quality fitness blogs.

So, you can grab that golden opportunity and develop your brand by starting a fitness blog. A fitness blog is an effective tool that offers you the power to share your message immediately with millions of people worldwide. I have put together a guide for newbies to help them become a successful fitness blogger.

Remember, spending time to make your fitness site user-friendly and highly professional will give your readers an incredible browsing experience.

Fitness Blog

Why Start a Fitness Blog?

Below are the perks of starting your fitness blog: 

Boost Your Brand Awareness

Having a reliable brand is essential for your fitness company to thrive. Creating an excellent blog section helps build your brand and spread awareness about your business in no time. There are tons of CSM and service you can use to build your blog, but the king and best service remain WordPress.

Transform your passion into a revenue stream

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you can also turn your interest into a big revenue source. There are many fitness affiliate programs that will help you generate income. You can even sell your fitness products, courses, and guides.

How to Start a Fitness Blog?

Here is how you can begin a fitness blog that will help you drive more traffic, sales, and leads.

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Determine Your Blog Niche

As a fitness blogger, it is vital to focus on a particular niche audience. The more targeted your blogs, the more easily it will lure your target audience and become a great source of information. It allows them to return again and again and boost your site authority. You should try to be a focus on a niche and offer great and high-quality content to your readers. Remember as a blogger your goal is to spread knowledge and try to answer the questions of your readers through your articles.

Try to explain yourself in one sentence. If you can’t summarise who you are and what your blog is all about, it will confuse your readers.

Set Up Unique Domain Name and Hosting

If you plan to start a fitness blog from scratch, it might take some effort to find the ideal name. However, it will be worth it. You require two things – a domain name and web hosting. The domain name is your blog’s name.

Usually, domain names will cost you $10 per year. But you can get for free when you register for hosting with Bluehost o you can use a service like GoDaddy. Web hosting is a service that let your blogs to be accessed via the internet.

Your blog name should be how you want your customers to remember your blogs. So while naming your blog, consider the following tips:

  • Do not use numbers and hyphens.
  • Choose a memorable blog name.
  • Try to use a keyword that shows what your blog is all about.
  • Pick dot com over others. 

If instead you already have a website for your fitness studio, you can add the blog in a subdomain without having to buy a new one.

Install WordPress Software

Fitness Blog

Picking the right blogging software will set you for success from the very start. WordPress is a great blogging platform that will help you start a fitness blog with ease. It’s highly flexible, friendly, free, and powerful. Moreover, there are tons of free plugins available that let users modify their blog as they want.

You can grow your fitness blogs and add additional features such as an online store, paid membership, and forums to make some money.

How to Install WordPress Software?

Step 1: After you have a free domain and hosting account, log in, and click on the Install WordPress icon.

Step 2: Select ‘do it yourself’ and hit the ‘install’ button. Click on the ‘Check Domain’ button.

Within several minutes, you can have your WordPress blog running.

Optimize Blogs for Search Engines

You also need to optimize your website blog to attract search engine traffic. If you’re a newbie in the SEO world, it may seem challenging for you to start a fitness blog. However, WordPress makes it really simple to optimize various aspects of your fitness blogs. You can download Yoast SEO or Rankmath plugins that will help you step by step to create content that meets the SEO requirements to be indexed on Google.

How to Get Started with Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO will take you through a series of few steps to optimize your fitness blogs:

Step 1: Get over the plugins menu and hit ‘add new.’ Now, look Yoast SEO and hit the ‘install now’ button.

Step 2: After that, click the activate button. Within a few minutes, you can access the settings of the plugin.

Step 3: Visit ‘your info’ section using the dashboard and set the foundation for your fitness blogs. Look into your site name and tagline and make sure they are right.

Step 4: Now, hit the ‘save changes’ button and head to the ‘webmaster tools’ tab > Google Search Console.

Step 5: Sign in to Google account and hit the alternate methods tab and then HTML tag. A dropdown menu will pop up with a console meta code. Copy this string without any quotations.

Step 6: After that, paste that code into the Google Search Console text box and hit the ‘save changes’ button.

Step 7: Finally, hit the ‘verify’ button and head to the general tab to begin the installation wizard.

When you start a fitness blog on your fitness site, Google finds you a trustworthy source of information and send visitors. This allows you to generate a lot of traffic online. However, Google will skip your site if it finds a better informational source elsewhere. Here are a few tips that you can use to tell Google what your fitness blog posts are all about: 

  • Place the exact keyword in your blog post title, first paragraph, and at least in one subheading 
  • Add synonyms in the body text
  • Add keyword as ALT text

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Perform Keyword Research

If you find it difficult to hunt the keywords that resonate with your target audience, use keyword research tools. It will help you get highly-targeted content ideas that your clients will love.

It includes Google Keyword PlannerAhrefs Keywords ExplorerMoz Keyword Explorer, etc. You can even fine-tune them when you start a fitness blog and get maximum outcome.

When starting a new blog the best way to get indexed on Google and generate organic traffic is to choose long-tail keywords. You could make the mistake of thinking that writing articles on general topics with millions of research is the best way to launch your fitness blog.

There is a no bigger mistake, in fact, it is almost impossible to index an article on generic topics in the first positions of the Google search, in fact, there are already thousands of other authoritative blogs that have already cover the same topics.

What you should try to do instead is select topics/keywords that have a good number of searches but small competition.

Get Advice from Successful Fitness Experts

Your fitness blog section is not just all about your fitness brand. It should include something that can fix the problems of your customers and educate them. 

Otherwise, Google will not choose you as an option when searching for websites that cater to searchers’ needs.

The excellent solution to generate income from your fitness blogs is to get tips from successful and renowned fitness professionals. A good strategy is to ask fitness experts to write a guest post on your blog, this will make your blog more authoritative.

Align Content with Your Target Audience

Your content needs to be aligned perfectly with your target client. Otherwise, you will miss out on the chance to attract huge traffic and make sales. Ensure that the quality of your fitness blogs is excellent.

To find out what your target audience wants:

  • Create market research surveys.
  • Join Facebook groups associated with your niche or topic and ask them.
  • Search Twitter hashtags.
  • Find a fitness product associated with your region and then find out what customers are telling.

Advertise on Social Media

Another excellent way to start a fitness blog can be social media advertising on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Try to share something that people have more interest in and will remember for a long time.

You could try to allocate a small budget, for example, $100/mo in advertising. Facebook Ads allows you to sponsor the posts that you share on your fan page, with a few dollars your post will be seen by thousands of Facebook users and generate new traffic on your blog.

How to monetize your Fitness Blogs?

After you start a fitness blog, now it’s time to drive traffic to your website and turn those visitors into paying customers. Read our tips to get good traffic and earn some income for you too:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your fitness blogs. It offers a massive chance for fitness bloggers to advise a wide variety of fitness equipment and other products to your readers.

When any reader purchases your advised product, you get a commission. You just need to sign up with the affiliate program. The provider will offer you a custom affiliate link. You need to add it to your fitness blog content.

Selling Digital Products

To generate revenue, you can create e-books and online courses and sell them on your fitness website.

  • Provide great value beyond what people can get for free.
  • Make sure your e-book or fitness course is highly visual.
  • Use real people to display demonstrations or offer fitness advice.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is also a good option to start generating revenue. Simply register with Google’s advertisement program, and they will put ads on your fitness website. When visitors click them, you get paid a small fee. Unfortunately, this option is most effective when your blog already has a substantial amount of traffic.

Sponsored Posts

If you continue to generate superior quality content, you will get higher numbers of followers. It will also help you to make money from sponsored fitness posts. If your blog becomes a benchmark in the fitness industry, you will have many requests from companies who want to pay you to advertise their products on your blog. A good business model can be to offer sponsored posts, companies will pay you to write an article about their products. This type of advertising is called native advertising.


Whether you are the gym owner or fitness studio trying to grow your business, it is vital to start a fitness blog section. You can think of it as a vital part of your marketing plan. It will help you to generate an excellent return on your initial investment. Looking for a cost-effective gym or fitness studio software? Try WOFH today.

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