Social Media Marketing for Yoga Teacher: The Ultimate Guide

Are you a yoga teacher trying to finding an excellent social media marketing strategy? If this is the case, then read our guide. Yoga social media marketing is a fun way to send new students your way. It will also help you to promote your brand and boost the bottom line.

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Social Media Marketing for Yoga TeacherBest Tips to Know

Follow our tips for social media success:

1. Create a Robust Strategy

Having a solid strategy helps all yoga teachers to build an effective presence on social media and build a big community of like-minded yogis. Let your yoga students know what you stand for professionally and allow them space to join you.

2. Consider Using Yoga Studio Management Software

WOFH yoga studio management software makes signing into yoga class easy. It also helps with scheduling and other tasks. Recommend your students to download and install it to manage everything straight from their smartphone. The bonus part is Zoom integration. It let you conduct virtual live yoga classes and appointments on Zoom.

3. Determine Your Major Platform

It’s also vital to know where your target audience spends most of their valuable time online. When you are aware of it, refine your marketing strategy by choosing your major social media platform. You can think of yoga-specific forums, blogs, and even Reddit apart from Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat.

  • Pick no more than three networks.
  • Begin with the social media platform you are most comfortable with and slowly move from there.
  • Post regular high-quality content on one to two platforms.
  • Use the Tweepi tool to find out how follows your social media accounts.

4. Stay Engaged

Stay engaged and let your social media community know you are always there to help them. It will encourage them to leave the best online reviews and recommendations on diverse platforms.

Remember, the more you get involved, the more you build your clientele. Below are the pivotal tips that will help you accomplish your business goals by keeping your students engaged:

  • Make a list of influential accounts to strengthen the bond.
  • Post motivations messages and add comments.
  • Advertise an eBook.
  • Do not be afraid to use videos
  • Run yoga contests and promotions.
  • Post your fitness products and service offerings.
  • Tag students and ask thoughtful questions.
  • Make sure to post workshops and events you attend or host.
  • If you are a public speaker on wellness and health, ensure you tell other people about the events you are speaking at.

5. Add Value to Your Social Media Feeds

Besides connecting with your target customers by being a true self, deliver them great value. To do this, keep the pointers mentioned below in your mind:

  • Use high-quality content in unique ways to strengthen the bond with your students.
  • Do not forget to share your fitness blogs.
  • Use GIFs and other short videos.

6. Find Your Niche

The key to successful social media marketing for yoga teachers is to find your niche. If your yoga studio focuses on studying the yoga sutras and including them into everyday life, your strategy will be much different than the ashtanga studio.

7. Use Hashtags #

Yoga teachers must not ignore the power of branded and yoga hashtags. People will follow the hashtags on Instagram or other social networking websites to find out what everyone is posting in one place.

It will help you enhance your post visibility in no time. You can use the hashtags.org tool because it will allow you to identify which hashtags to use. Some of the yoga hashtags you can add include:










Do not forget to use these tips:

  • Avoid using not more than 11 hashtags per post.
  • Optimize the hashtag, depending on the topic you are posting.
  • Do not use spammy hashtags or hashtags that do not relate to your yoga content
  • Add the hashtags in the “comments section” of your posts on Instagram or after the caption.

8. Discover How-Tos On Pinterest 

Pinterest is a great tool for yoga teachers that helps stand out and get excellent results. If you do not have a business account yet, join Pinterest.com today. You can use it to pin your how-to videos and the videos of other people to boost your client base.

9. Promote 

Your students are usually looking for more – be it blogs, workshops, retreats, teacher training, or online programs. Advertising your yoga business gives you the chance to allow your students to know you better in real life and learn from you.

We recommend the promotion every week. If managing your own social media marketing seems tough, join the crowd of yoga teachers. They will happily outsource the activity to experts.

10. Adhere to Content Sharing Guidelines

It is also vital to follow guidelines for the yoga-related content you share on different platforms. You can choose the one mentioned below for a set time to know what works well for your customers.

a) The 5-3-2 Rule

It includes five content pieces from renowned leaders, three directly from the yoga studio, and two personal updates.

b) The 4-1-1 Rule

It includes four content pieces from others and one repost for each yoga studio advertisement.

c) The 555+ Rule

It includes five each of studio promotions, responses to users, updates about other associated topics, and branded posts that use hashtags.

11. Stick to a Regular Schedule

Your students expect the same yoga class on the same day at the same time. Therefore, make sure you stick to the regular schedule.For this, it’s worth using content schedulers like Hootsuite. This tool will help you schedule and monitor posts across various social sites.

12. Be Real

Your students trust your yoga studio. Thus, make sure the relationships you are creating with them are genuine. Take the time every week to share something real about who you are, your yoga teacher journey, and how you overcame the challenges.

13. Build and Optimize Your Website

Building a professional yoga studio website and linking it to your social media profile can add great value to your business. Also, make sure you optimize it well to make it easy for students to find you.

14. Claim Your Business on Google

There are tons of free tools that Google offers for small businesses. Claiming your yoga business on Google helps you stay at the top of your local search results.

15. Extract Valuable Information

Collect important data from the following tools and use them to publish the good stuff.

a) Instagram Analytics

There are tons of Instagram analytics tools that you can use to identify your posts’ reach and popularity. It includes:

b) Facebook Ads Manager

You can also reap the perks of the Facebook Ads Manager. This tool can allow you to extract valuable details that can be beneficial for your yoga studio. Simply log in, choose your campaign type, and use the tool to learn more about specific demographics.

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c) YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics helps users to see statistics of viewers, including their engagement and demographics. Dive into these vital insights to learn more about your target audience and how they consume your yoga content. 

Just pay close attention to the rate at which they watch and leave your yoga videos. After that, adjust your video titles, topics, and length accordingly to accomplish your goals.


Social media marketing for yoga teachers is all about building trust and relationships with your students. With time, consistent effort will help you increase your sales and leads to happier students.

Ryan Gates

Marketing specialist and Head of Growth of many startups. Ryan is a lifelong entrepreneur and passionate about helping startups and marketers not suck. He speaks, practices, and blogs about growth and digital marketing on WOFH and across the universe.

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