15 Ways to Promote Your Fitness Classes Online in 2020

Planning out a good marketing strategy to promote your fitness classes online is the first step after you launch your business. The digitalization of services has pushed businesses to go online. This has resulted in a multitude of online classes and, eventually, tough competition.

Thus, as a fitness trainer, you must be aware that starting an online business requires more than just good motivation and workouts. 

Therefore, once you have chalked out a strategy on how to go about your online business, have a look at the following 15 ways to assist you to promote your fitness classes online. Anyways, you’ve got bills to pay, right!

1. Build a Strong Online Presence by Engaging on Other Social Media Platforms

Select the most popular social media platform like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook, and exploit them for your benefit. It is an excellent tool to drastically increase your clientele and promote your fitness classes online. Find other local fitness bloggers and follow them too. 

Twitter keeps you informed, while LinkedIn is more professional. However, each is suitable for making connections and growing your business without selling anything. But you need to create an attractive and user-friendly profile for that. 

2. Offer Free Mini Sessions/Bits of Your Best Content 

As per March 2020 survey, 16% of adults in the U.S.A had taken to use more online fitness videos due to self-quarantining practices. Offering a free or discounted sample of work to people who may not know you exist can be an excellent way for potential clients to know what you can offer them.

You could offer a mini, free introductory session, a trial group session, or a bit longer discounted session on your choice of social media platform. It will attract new visitors to your website, and ultimately potential customers for your online fitness classes.

Promote Your Fitness Classes Online in 2020

3. Write Guest Posts/Blogs

Instead of other people endorsing themselves on your platform, why not do the opposite? You can post a short, engaging video, a short guide, an infographic, or a blog post on a high caliber site that accepts guest posts.

Write an article showing off your expertise, since guest posting for a recognized site is one of the excellent ways to endorse your business. It will grow your online audience and will help you gain more leads after you promote your fitness classes online.

4. Focus on User-Generated Content

The aim of your marketing strategy should be to boost your consumer engagement and provide you with unique new content. So start focusing on user-generated content (UGC). It is a great way to use this content in your marketing campaign and promote your fitness classes online. 

Encourage your customers to post photos and videos while working out, and even tag your social profiles to pump it up in 2020 digital marketing trends.

promote your fitness classes online

5. Video Marketing

You can promote your fitness classes online via video marketing—the future of digital marketing. It can help your brand to gain limelight. Video is considered to be the most engaging kind of post on Facebook. So, upload videos of your workouts and post them on your channels, and distribute your content. 

​However, don’t forget to optimize your videos according to the consumer demands to attract new customers, as short and live video formats are the new trend.

6. Send Periodic Emails with Tips and Tricks 

Start growing your email list by offering monthly/fortnight/bi-weekly emails with tips and tricks to your potential clients. This allows you to remain in touch with them and promote your fitness classes online well.

You can also promote your new programs or products. So create your formal email address now with a relevant email signature with your Facebook page/ blog attached to it. Your clients will get the opportunity to know your knowledge and engage with you more.

7. Organize Giveaways or Post Coupon Codes to Deal Sites

Create coupon codes and post those to deal with sites. There are numerous sites that collect these coupon codes and help people find other courses and various different online resources that may be currently on sale. This can help increase your reach.

Promote Your Fitness Classes Online in 2020

8. Offer to Teach Group Exercise Classes

If you’ve just stepped out as a trainer, the best way to get your name out among your targeted audience is by volunteering to teach group fitness. This will also give you additional training practice and a networking opportunity with your future clients. It will also increase revenue per hour dramatically. 

Promote Your Fitness Classes Online in 2020 Zumba

9. Build a Self-Wellness/Nutrition Brand

​As a trainer, it’s important to keep yourself updated with proper nutrition and the latest trends. Using this knowledge, you can build your own nutrition brand by offering personalized meal plans for your clients. 

Build your brand, keeping in mind the things people who want fitness training are really looking for—health and happiness. So, create content that focuses both on fitness, diet plans, and motivational and self-wellness tips.

10. Collaborate with Local Nutritionist or Other Experts 

By partnering with experts, you can co-brand content by organizing an online healthy living workshop or joint webinar together. This way, you can market each other’s followers. You can even ask them to guest post on your blog from their expertise. This will lend you credibility and is a great way to share potential clients.

11. Create Personalized Programs Using AI

You can create specific programs targeting your potential followers and a particular niche. These programs can also endorse passive income for your fitness business. 

You can do so using Artificial intelligence (AI) that helps you analyze consumer data, their search patterns, and requirements to help you formulate a fitness marketing strategy. Using AI, you can cut costs, grow faster, and create more relevant to stand out among your competitors.

12. Make Connections with Other Online Fitness Entrepreneurs

Join a fitness networking group in your community. Promote your fitness classes online by engaging with other business owners in your niche, like a massage therapist or nutritionist. It’s a win-win.

Make connections and build professional relationships to help you legitimize your business in your area first, and then you can expand gradually. Leverage the expertise of someone to reach a new audience, whose expertise complements yours too. 

13. Don’t Underestimate the Power of “Audio”

Audio advertising via podcasts, a local radio, or a TV station can immensely boost your business. You can create your own podcast or pitch going on TV or radio. This is also a great method to let people know you via various mediums.  

You can talk about any aspect of fitness. However, the most important thing is that people should get to know the real you.

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14. Get Creative

Getting creative juices flowing while you plan your promotional strategy is also a great way to promote your fitness classes online. Send handwritten notes with a personalized message or simply “Thank You” to your loyal customers on their birthday or any special occasion. This will help to keep your trainer-client relationship sturdy.

Design creative business cards that do not end up becoming coasters, to help clients know you exist and leave them everywhere where you might think your potential customers go. 

15. Sponsor Community Events 

Always appreciate your community and the people who helped you to get you where you are. So, sponsor community events, whether online or offline, to support them back, like local sports teams, or even an individual athlete or person trying to accomplish something. This will allow you to build a much stronger local hold.

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Ryan Gates

Marketing specialist and Head of Growth of many startups. Ryan is a lifelong entrepreneur and passionate about helping startups and marketers not suck. He speaks, practices, and blogs about growth and digital marketing on WOFH and across the universe.

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