How to Use Zoom for Online Meditation Group and Classes?

If you are looking for online meditation group, you have landed on the right page. Continue reading to know how you can use Zoom for online mediation and fitness classes. 

No doubt, many businesses have been affected badly due to the coronavirus pandemic. But several of them did not only survive during the lockdown but doing excellent in their fields. Thnaks to the adoption of the new technology like Zoom.

What is Zoom?

Before you proceed to the major steps of online mediation and fitness sessions, you should know about the most important tool for taking online classes. Zoom has become the most important software in this tough time. It is helping businesses, coaches, and trainers to create online meditation groups and coach them remotely. 

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Whenever you click on the Zoom meeting link for the first, you will be redirected to your browser. A small file we will be downloaded on your phone.

You need to install the Zoom app by allowing all the permission to connect with the meeting. Make sure your mic and earphone are properly working before joining the meeting. 

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How to Use Zoom for Online Meditation Classes?

Here is how you can use Zoom to help you teach your online meditation groups:

Meditation Sessions

When you have joined an online meditation group, make sure you sit in front of your laptop, tablet, or mobile before 5 or 10 minutes. In these extra minutes, you can set up your mic, choose whether you should on your cam or not, etc. 

Before start meditating, you should on you cam and greet your trainer and other group members so that you can connect with them mentally. With this, you should always mute your mic when you are in a session, and it depends on you if you want to on your camera or not. 

Microphone Setting

We advise you to keep your microphone mute all the time during a session unless you have to ask something from the instructor. When you keep your microphone off, it will help other members to stay away from background interference. 

Sometimes, your trainer may also mute everyone’s mic to stop the background interference and other noises, so that the members can meditate properly. 

Group Discussions and Streaming Video Classes

When you enter a streaming video, you should always mute your mic and off the camera. It will improve the video quality for every member in Online Meditation Group. But when you enter a group discussion, we advise you to on the cam so that you and your coach can see each other. 

With this, you don’t need to on unmute your mic, unless you want to ask something or comment on something. Sometimes, you may face the problem of voice-breaking while speaking on your mic.

At that time, you should off the cam so that all your internet bandwidth can support your microphone. When you are done with talking, you may on your webcam again. 

On Zoom, the participants have the option of setting their view to ‘Gallery View’ through which they can see all other participants in a grid. In other options, the ‘Presenter’ view, the participants can see a limited number of members will appear in a single line. Also, the video of the speaking person will take most of the space on your screen. You can choose any view from both according to your comfort. 

Tips for the Businesses

There is no doubt that mediation teachers, coaches, and trainers are facing a tough time. Due to this, fitness businesses are using different tools for retaining the customers, such as WOFH. It is a studio, personal training management, and scheduling software that helps your studio to grow faster. 

The first step of taking your business online is to gather your members’ details and inform them that you will serve them remotely in this new normal. There are the types of events that you can host on Zoom for your customers-

  • A Meditation Day Retreat 
  • An Online Meditation Group 
  • One to One Meditation Session and
  • A Meditation Day Retreat

You can easily run the above sessions on Zoom from your studio or workout place. Some events can be conducted live while you can also serve your customers without going online. For example, if you are providing your customers with a course, you can provide them with recorded sessions, audio recordings, and PDF documents. 

What Kind of Software do You Need for an Online Fitness Business?

You will be surprised by knowing that the software for working remotely is inexpensive and very accessible. You can use WOFH that is a studio, personal training management, and scheduling software to grow your online meditation group rapidly. The software will help your pilates, yoga, or fitness business to go virtual.   

Some software in the market is free to use, such as to use Facebook and Skype; you don’t have to pay a single penny. Zoom also offers you a free version with certain limitations. If you are looking for advanced features, you can buy a Zoom premium. 

You need to create pre-recorded videos to put them on your YouTube or Vimeo channel. You can ask your customers to watch these videos or send them a link for specific therapy or workout. 

Hardware You Will Need to Run Your Mediation Business Online

There are many things that you or your trainer need while launching Online Meditation Group online. There are the following things that you need to take care of-


A laptop is the most important device in the essential list through which you will conduct your sessions. As a business owner, you need to provide the laptops to the trainers or ask them if they have already had laptops. 


The instructor is the only person who will guide the members; that is why; you need a mic or lapel mic to send your voice to the participants. You don’t have to use a mic or lapel mic if you are using an advanced and new laptop as nowadays, laptops are already equipped with mic.

Headphone or Earphone

The sound comes from the speaker of the laptop that can echo, and you can’t understand your members well. Therefore, using an earphone or headphone will be a great idea to avoid any difficulty listening to your customers. 


Mobile internet is not strong enough to deliver live online sessions, or sometimes, the mobile-internet can become slow. Instead of giving excuses for the internet to your members, you should take a WiFi connection so that you can take Online Meditation Group or fitness classes without any hindrance. 

We have mentioned the essential hardware that you must have before launching your business online. Apart from these things, it would be best if you had a studio or a calm place where you can take the classes without any disturbance. 

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The Bottom Line

The pandemic has brought a new normal in which most of the businesses are functioning through the internet. You can host an online meditation group through Zoom but make sure to create some specific guidelines for your members.

The guidelines related to the payment, attending classes, or giving up the membership should be clear and will help you and your customers to take any without any confusion. 

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