Instagram Reels for Yoga Teachers: The Complete Guide

Are you a yoga teacher and looking for ways to attract new students or communities for your wellness classes? Have you ever thought of doing it through Instagram Reels? Yes! You read it right, we are talking about social media. Often considered as a distraction, the powerful social media tool like Instagram Reels for yoga teachers is the ideal way of sharing your messages, courses, etc.

We will guide you on how to use Instagram Reels for yoga teachers effectively and give a boost to your online classes.

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Instagram Reels for Yoga Teachers


Instagram Reels for Yoga Teachers

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reel is a feature that helps you can create an engaging video of 15 sec with audio and effects. You can then share it on your feed for your followers. However, if you are using a public Instagram account, then you can share it on Explore. This helps you reach new audiences globally. Moreover, if a user clicks on the effects and music that you have used in your clip, your reel appears on those dedicated pages too.

It is the best medium for your yoga classes, and if you use it correctly, you can stand out in your business.

Now, you know what is Instagram Reel, so let us now focus on how it can benefit your yoga classes.

How Instagram Reels works?

working of Instagram Reels


As you now know about Instagram Reels, let us see how it works. Using Instagram Reels for yoga teachers is very simple; we will explain it step by step.

Step 1: Go to your Instagram stories and select “Reels,” which is at the bottom.

Step 2: When you click on Reels, you will get two options: press and hold button to record the video or upload it from the camera roll.

Instagram Reels for Yoga Teachers

Step 3: When you record a video, you get various tools to optimize your recording. Here is the audio button to add to your video. Then there is a speed button, and you can also add special effects to your video. The timer button allows you to determine the video length. If you have set the timer, then the countdown starts when you begin recording.

Step 4: While recording, if you click the record button, it will end the clip. You can again tap it to begin the next clip. You can even edit or delete the previous clip.

Step 5: Add stickers or text to finish editing and share the Reel.

Instagram Reels for Yoga Teachers

Step 6: Once the editing is done, tap on next to reach the share page and then click on “cover” to add a cover photo. Write a caption for the video. If you do not want to share it immediately, you can even save it in your draft.

Step 7: Share it in the space in Explore. If you have a public account, you can post it on the “Reels” tab. Now you Reel is visible for your followers.

Difference between Instagram Reels and TikTok

Instagram Reels works the same way as the TikTok for professionals. But now it is the biggest competitor of TikTok. Here are some of the notable reasons for the increased popularity of Instagram Reels over TikTok.

  • Facebook is from the U.S while TikTok began from China. Instagram from Facebook is extending its tentacles, whereas TikTok is facing a ban in some countries.
  • Facebook announces to the usage of licensed music.
  • Most brands businesses are already using Instagram Reels, so finding audiences won’t be tough for you.

Now, you know what Instagram Reel is and how it works, so let us focus on how it can benefit your yoga classes.

How to make the best use of Instagram Reels for Yoga Teachers?

You can do a number of interesting and engaging things with Instagram Reels to grow your audience and market your wellness program. Read on to learn how you can do it.

Yoga Sequences

yoga pose for Instagram reels for yoga teachers


Being a yoga teacher, you know there are endless yoga poses. How about starting with yoga sequences? We suggest this is the best way to start with your Instagram Reels for yoga teachers. Don’t bother about sharing all at once but be regular with sharing the sequences. This will keep your followers interested in checking your feed daily to learn the next sequences. Moreover, it also reduces your stress.

Let’s say you start on Monday, initiate with the beginner poses first, and the next day keep on progressing with the more tough poses. However, you can also start by focusing on poses for one particular body part. Like, begin with the poses that give you relief from stress. Starting from beginner to intermediate, keep on moving to the advanced, this maintains the sequence, and your students won’t find it tough even.

In this way, you can keep focusing on yoga poses that benefit different parts of the body. Isn’t it a great start? It is! So, start with your first Instagram Reels for yoga teachers.

Share your healthy diet

A healthy and balanced diet, along with yoga-practicing, gives the best body effects. So, your students must be keen to know how to get the best nutritional food. What to eat, drink, and what not. The dietary advice that you give to your students through Instagram Reels will capture their attention more.

You can share the nutritional value of the food that one needs to take to maintain their body. Moreover, you can even share your eating habits like the food and beverages that you include in your diet for maintaining a healthy body.

You can even share a clip of the cooking something healthy. Since a reel is a short video, you can go by sharing ingredients, proportions, and then the finished product. But remember not to over flood your Instagram with food videos, keep them like once or twice a week. You are a yoga teacher so stay focused on yoga, else your students can get confused.

Do not share overly polished content

We understand that reel is not a full-fledged video, but sharing imperfections that you experience while practicing yoga are equally important. This helps in developing a connection and creating a bond with the students. Always staying perfect can create a distance between you and your students. They would love to watch some humor and some failures that you experience while practicing yoga poses. This develops the confidence in them that can achieve that perfect pose with continuous practice.

So, don’t aim at taking the perfect shot every time.  

Stay real on your Instagram Reels for yoga teachers

yoga for Instagram reels


While recording Instagram Reels for yoga teachers, stay genuine. Do not try to copy the influencers to grow your audiences. If they want to see someone else’s style, why should they reach your Instagram? Remember, your followers are here to watch the real you. They love the way you teach them, so be the real you. The more unique you stay, the more you will impact your students.

Moreover, when you stay yourself, you do not need to put much effort into getting perfection. Whereas when you portray someone else’s character, despite making best efforts, you cannot bring that perfection. This will do more harm than good.

Establish your identity your way. Become a brand with your own style only then you will reach new heights.

Stay approachable with Instagram Reels for yoga teachers

To establish a connection with your students or audiences through Instagram Reels, staying approachable is really important. As you are a yoga teacher, so while practicing your taught poses, students may face a lot of difficulties. They must be willing to discuss it with you and get the best advice. So stay open to answer their queries timely.

Moreover, it would be best if you let your students watch a little personal life of yours. Like what you eat, what products you use, how you stay positive, how you achieve the perfection in your poses, and a lot more. It would be best to talk over these things in your sessions to develop a better connection with your students.


Instagram Reels for yoga teachers is the best way of building your identity, brand, and grow your career by developing a connection with your students. Staying consistent, focused, and a conscious approach is all that you require. The above-mentioned ideas here will surely help you build a strong fan following.

We hope you will be able to boost your yoga classes effectively with our tips!

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