Hybrid Personal Training: The Best Business Model for Gyms

Hybrid Personal Training

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown in most nations have significantly changed lifestyles. Plenty of fitness studios, health clubs, and gyms have transformed into online-only businesses. If you want to scale up your fitness business without working for more hours, hybrid personal training is the ultimate solution. It provides the best of both online personal training and in-person training for clubs, clients, and fitness trainers. 

With this training style, you will work with their clients in person and via online training software. However, the frequency of the face-to-face sessions depends on how you want to create your packages. This allows clients to access the services, both at-home and in-person. 

Hybrid personal training will also empower the clients to take more responsibility for their actions and habits. The more tailored your online training program, the better is the outcome. Client retention also creates more revenue due to the extended commitment levels.

Hybrid Personal Training

Why Should You Run a Hybrid Fitness Business?  

Although it is essential to reopen your gym under strict health and safety protocol, you will still need to run online classes. The reason for this is mentioned in the Association of Fitness Studios Reopening Guidelines

By continuing to provide an online service to your customers, you will be able to lower foot traffic while still allowing them to work out. This will help you retain customers as you go through the process of reopening.

Pros of the Hybrid Model for the Trainer

Although hybrid training needs much more effort than simply operating a traditional fitness class or boot camp, it offers tons of perks to the fitness trainers.

Hybrid Personal Training

1. Engage Your Clients

All clients that have opted in-person training want their personal trainer to offer 100% time and attention. You can’t schedule the other client later on if they want to perform work out at 6. They will find another trainer, and you will lose your client. 

Using the hybrid model, you can offer personal training to multiple clients at the same time. You can still train one of the clients in-person. Moreover, you can provide special treatment to those who typically do not participate online to engage better.

2. Better Control of Schedule

An in-person trainer needs to train clients when they need training – whether it’s early morning or late afternoon. However, in the case of hybrid training, clients can get virtual training as per their schedule and still joins you in the gym at the right time. 

Although hybrid trainers still need to show up in the gym, but not daily. In between, there are tons of hours that you can use to do other tasks that are important for your business. This includes answering emails, creating content, writing fitness programs, etc. You can even work with your family to teach them how to improve your lifestyle.

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3. Effective Control Over Workout Session

Many people believe that the perfect workout is sixty minutes long, and all sessions must be of the same length. But in reality, a newbie may require 30 to 40 minutes. However, an experienced fitness person needs 75 to 90 minutes.  

4. Provide Regular and Predictable Revenue

Top-notch personal trainers have been offering some form of hybrid training for a long time. The majority of them already provide excellent nutritional guidance, lifestyle advice, and good programs to clients when they travel anywhere or want to train alone. 

But, they give this an add-on and often end up never getting paid for their extra work. However, with hybrid training, you can sell packages and get a regular income. 

Did you know the average personal trainer makes $47,700? It is slightly more than the median salary in the United States. Moreover, trainers with NSCA certification mint more money. So if you offer both online and in-person training, you will have more experience and charge higher fees than an average personal trainer.

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5. Better Reputation

Personal trainers can also use the hybrid training model to improve their reputation. It is a way that helps trainers get better outcome for their clients. 

Moreover, opting for the model at an early stage helps a trainer stand out ahead among peers who only provide a quick chat, or inflexible packages, or training sessions on nutrition at the end of a session.

6. Easy Organization

Hybrid personal training allows you to quickly organize and track everything for your clients in one place. You also go paperless as you do all the work online. It means you get rid of all the paper forms, emails, and assessments, etc.

7. Save Time 

If you are a fitness expert, you know time-consuming training can be even if you have a small client base. With a hybrid training model, you will conduct fewer sessions while offering high value to your clients. This will increase the client base while dedicating less time to your gym training clients.

8. Offer Better Result to Your Customers

Hybrid training allows you to create the best online training program for all clients. You can even customize every training session as per their needs and lifestyle. This not only builds client retention but also offer excellent outcome.

How to Pitch Hybrid Personal Training to Clients?

The hybrid training model is an excellent way to empower your in-person clients to take ownership of their fitness journey and boost accountability. But it is also paramount to communicate with them about it. 

It depends on which kind of client you are dealing with and what their underlying fitness challenges. 

  • Let your new clients know that hybrid personal training offers them more accountability and hands-on experience, unlike online training.
  • If you are offering virtual training to your in-person clients, who do not have much time or may no longer be able to pay, be sure to tell them that they will still get in-person time with you. Moreover, tell them that they will continue accessing your expertise, knowledge, and best tips just a price that works for them and that too without compromising the outcome.
  • If you have online-only clients right now who seem to be struggling to meet their fitness goals, create packages that include different numbers of solo workouts and in-person sessions.
  • Include attractive bonuses to increase the value of your package and then communicate to your in-person clients how this will help them accomplish their fitness goals.
  • Do not forget to tell them that hybrid training online will be more time-efficient because there will be no coordination of their schedule with yours for multiple training sessions every week.
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Go Virtual with Best Personal Training Software – WOFH

It is essential to invest in a powerful yoga and fitness studio software to streamline your tasks and maintain efficiency. WOFH is the best personal training management and scheduling software that help pilates, instructors, yoga teachers, and other fitness experts go virtual. 

Hybrid training using this software helps you plan the number of times a client meets with you online versus in-person. This saves more time and gets more flexibility, resulting in higher growth. 

Moreover, you can organize your schedules, post-workout plans, and much more. With a few clicks, you will get a personal website. You can add your business logo, upload images, and change the palette to attract clients and encourage them to avail your services. 

The bonus part is that a one-month free trial is also available for the users. You can access the software on any device anytime and anywhere.

With WOFH personal training software, you can: 

  • Schedule and manage remote classes fast
  • Track bookings and income
  • Create customer memberships
  • Send professional invoices to your clients 
  • Create best personal training program, and nutrition plans specific to each client
  • Get personalized online page to grow your business
  • Provide great fitness goal tips 

Bottom Line

With the COVID-19 in its full effect, health and wellness businesses have been getting creative to get through this global crisis and reopen the doors. Picking a hybrid training system helps you build a loyal customer base, boost regular income, and edge over your competition. 

There are also tons of tools and software programs available that can help you get success in no time. Try WOFH today and make your business reach new heights.

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