Hybrid Fitness Training: How a fitness specialist found a winning business model

Maxwell Matambura – Fitness Classes


When I attended one of Max’s classes I was very surprised by his focus and determination. When speaking to him, he is soft spoken. However, he transforms himself when teaching; his voice comes out loud and clear and his energy and vitality is infectious.

Max has a hybrid fitness training solution on the WOFH platform: people can follow him online in streaming and can also join him at the park a couple of times in the week.

I think this is particularly nice during winter when it’s drizzling outside and one doesn’t feel like going to the park but still wants to stick to the training routine. In that case, they can follow Max from home. No more excuses!

Max is now able to offer his online classes to all his 20k Instagram followers placed all around the world. They can now log on and train with Max in just a couple of clicks.

One thing I really appreciate about Max’s classes is that he takes time in the warm-up session and as I’m prone to injuries I feel more comfortable with this approach.

Hybrid Fitness Training

Hybrid Fitness Training: How a fitness coach used a streaming platform to reach his 20k followers on Instagram

Did you want to be in fitness when you were growing up and how did you start being a trainer? 

I never saw myself as a trainer. Rather, I saw myself in the arena playing sports, in particular, football, and also enjoying martial as a hobby. But training others, I didn’t dream of it.  As a child, I played football both for my school & local club. I also trained in martial arts in my spare time. I dreamt of playing football for a bigger club professionally but this never quite materialized so I found myself training and competing in Muay Thai (Thai boxing). I learned a lot from my trainer before I decided to go to College.  

It was while in College studying sport that I fell in love with coaching. I studied for my leadership, multi-sports coach, football coaching and gym qualifications. These qualifications enabled me to work with young people and children in schools and local communities. That’s when I realised I had a genuine passion to teach & coach. 

Along the way I designed an intervention to help asylum seekers and refugees to integrate in the community. The intervention was a great success with the help of local authority, local sports clubs. I felt a belief within myself, I knew I had potential to help others. This made me feel happy and a real sense of fulfilment.

So, when I went to University, I had one goal in mind: use sport as a tool to develop and improve people’s lives. While studying I got a job in my local gym as a fitness instructor. I had a great time and loved talking with people from all walks of life.  

I started teaching Boxercising classes and HIIT classes & all my classes were an instant hit with people. I loved the stage and was thrilled to see people achieve their fitness goals working with me. I then took a similar job at Leeds Beckett University and absolutely loved learning and earning! 

Hybrid Fitness Training

Do you prefer to instruct small or large groups?

Every day is different but I’d have to say I love big groups. I rise to the occasion. I am a very dynamic trainer ever ready to adjust to teaching individuals, small groups, to bigger groups. However, I find bigger groups allow me to bring out greater energy to match the audience. 

Hybrid Fitness Training

Training as much as you do, do you have some tips on how to avoid injuries? 

Warm-up and stretches are a must for me before any exercising. I also do developmental stretches after every workout.  I also have a sports masseuse whom I see once every 6 months. This helps me to avoid injuries and speed up recovery.

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Is there something you prefer about teaching online vs teaching in a studio?

I like the flexibility that comes with teaching online. The fact that I don’t have to travel places is a real huge benefit and it just adds an air of freedom. I find I’m also able to analyze clients’ performance and technique much better when teaching online.

What made you choose WOFH for your online teaching?

I chose WOFH because of their level of expertise, support, and their approach. The simplicity with which I was made to understand how they work was a huge factor; I believe we will grow together. Even better, the fact that #WOFH wasn’t pushy and helped me to make the decision at my own time. I felt valued from the word go and I felt I was joining up with a trustworthy partner going forward. 

You come across as a calm, wise and content person. What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

Keep learning; believe, achieve, and succeed! Every storm comes to pass. So, take one day at a time and stay optimistic. Never stop believing. Rest if you must but don’t ever give up. Happiness is the way to success.

Be ready to sweat online with Max – only on WOFH: Fitness Classes By Max-Wellbeing


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