How to Make Your Fitness Business on Instagram Stand Out

How to Make Your Fitness Business on Instagram Stand Out

Instagram can be intimidating but also full of opportunities for fitness trainers. With the right strategy, patience, and focus you can gain a firm footing on the platform and endear a large base of loyal followers. In this piece, we’ll be sharing proven tips for fitness business on Instagram that prominent fitness influencers have used to gain millions of followers. But don’t expect to become wildly successful overnight. These tips are meant to help you gain traction and achieve consistent results with your Instagram campaign. 

Define Your Instagram Goals

Your goals as a fitness trainer are your guide to creating a roadmap to success on Instagram. Without them, it’ll be quite dicey to gauge your performance on the platform. For instance, if your goal is to get corporate sponsorships, you won’t rest on your ores after just amassing a large base of active followers. Also, you can secure monumental endorsements even with a handful of followers. Ultimately, what matters is how you can grab the attention of the right people using effective outreach programs and strategies.

With Instagram, Fitness Trainers can easily gain tremendous exposure with a much deeper and authentic connection with their audience

In another similar case, if you’re looking to promote your ecommerce fitness business on Instagram, you’d also want to make sure you’re connecting with the right audience and not just some random fitness fans.

Identify your Target Audience

From your mission and goals, you’ll be able to narrow down the key characteristics and lifestyle of your potential followers. You need to figure out their habits, interests, and preferences so you can create content that resonate with them. 

Once you’ve identified your niche, you need to stick to messages targeting them.

For instance, if you’re focusing on the HIIT enthusiasts, you need to ensure that everything you post is directly related to high-performance individuals. 

Narrow Down your Fitness Hashtags

With hashtags, you can increase the visibility of your Instagram pages on the platform’s search engine. Hashtags can put you in front of your potential audience to help you grow your following and quickly. 

The best places to use hashtags include your profile bio, your Instagram Story, as well as video and image descriptions. 

Hashtags help put your messages in front of the right people on Instagram

Here are some to start with:

  • Workout and Gym: GymLife, Workout, TrainHard, Gains, Toning, AbWorkout, Cardio,  WeightTraining
  • Healthy Eating and Weight Loss: Health, HealthyFood, HealthyEating, HealthyLifestyle, Nutrition, MealPrep, FitFood, Vegan, MuscleFood
  • Running: Running, RunningMotivation, MarathonTraining, TrailRunning, CrossCountry, InstaRunners, Cardio, RunnerLife.
  • Bodybuilding: bodybuilding, gains, muscle, shredded, BodybuildingMotivation, BodyTransformation, FitFreak, BodybuilderLifestyle,
  • Yoga: YogaLife, Balance, BeginnerYoga, DailyPractice, Namaste, InstaYoga, YogaLifestyle, Asana, Vinyasa
  • Sports: Sportsmanship, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Hockey, TeamPlayer, JustDoIt

Interact Frequently with your Followers

Posting ads and content regularly helps you connect with your audience, but frequent live interactions help you connect much deeper. Your followers will be more enthused to engage with you live than through scheduled posts and videos. It’s no wonder some 44% of people are more responsive to direct messages, post comments, and other types of conversations with brands compared to ads and contents.

Stick to Professional Images and Videos

Poor images can seriously hurt your fitness business on Instagram, even if they’re used for trivial reasons. As a platform obsessed with imagery, it can be difficult to stand out on Instagram if you’re associated with low-quality, amateurish images.

Getting a good camera or phone can go a long way in helping you take professional-looking videos and shots at all times. Try to make every photo look customized, featuring unique settings as well as the faces of your business.

A report from a Sprout Social shows that images with faces attract 38% more likes – which can be a huge shot in the arm if you’re looking to claim your spot on the platform.

Use the Right Instagram Captions

Like hashtags, Instagram captions are also crucial to the visibility of your Instagram pages on the platform. But captions play an even more important role in promoting dwell times and engagement rates.

Short and sweet captions can help drive the message home in a way that sticks, and long, in-depth ones can help you create a more lasting impact on the audience. It all boils down to how well you craft your message. For short captions, make sure they’re succinct but not vague, and for long ones, make sure they’re not stuffed with fluff and redundant information.

Most importantly, your caption must feature a clear CTA that directs the reader to act on the content. Ideally, the CTA should have a clickable link that leads them either to your contact page or some other useful resources.

Throw in Incentives Regularly

Incentives are timeless marketing tools that can also help you build your following quickly on Instagram. Use discounts, giveaways, and promotions regularly to reward your existing customers and lure potential followers.

To ensure your incentives are attractive to your customer base, you need to track their performance. Set a start and end date, and get as much information as possible about the winners and contestants.

Most importantly, you need to protect yourself from any legal issues that might result from your giveaways. Make sure you understand and follow Instagram Giveaway Rules and also clearly state the qualification guidelines for the incentives.

Network with Fitness Influencers and Corporate Brands

You can work on various types of projects with fitness influencers and corporate brands to provide more value to your collective audience. This is where you need to flex your creative muscles. You can collaborate with influencers on:



fitness challenges

live events



When searching for brands and influencers, focus on those with a large following and awesome content. You should note, however, that your chances of collaborating successfully with them depend on the similarities you share with them. You may have challenges partnering up with a brand or influencer if they’re way out of your league with many times the size of your audience or if they don’t directly belong to your niche.

Host Live Events Regularly

Live events are one of the best ways to show the originality of your fitness business on Instagram. You can do many interesting things during the live shows, from workouts to giveaways, interviews, and Q&A sessions, and lots more.

This is also where you can leverage your collaborations with influencers and brands. Your followers will be excited to join you live as you give away products from reputable brands as well as valuable health tips and great training moves.

Once you schedule your live event, Instagram will automatically notify your followers as well as other people on the platform (if you want). Make sure you use the right hashtags on the event description to ensure it shows up on the feeds of your target audience. After the event, save the video to your story so you can maximize its marketing potentials.

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Summing Up

Once you’ve set your goals and identified your target audience on Instagram, you can put together a meticulous plan that’ll help place your fitness business on Instagram on a pedestal.

Device a content strategy with targeted messages, effective CTAs, and relevant hashtags that’ll make you pop up on the feeds of your potential followers regularly.

Share your stories and collaborate regularly with influencers and brands to promote your influence and authenticity.

By making progress with each of these tips every day, you’ll soon find yourself achieving your Instagram goals and enjoying terrific brand awareness in no time.

Jessica Wallace

Jessica Wallace is a full-time copywriter and editor with more than 5 years experience in professional writing, editing and proofreading. She has written and developed website contents, books/e-books, white papers, reports, press releases, academic pieces, articles and blogs for countless clients around the world.

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