How to engage your parents in doing yoga with you

Practice Unconditional Love. Yoga, my mum and I.

What better relationship to practice unconditional love with than your mother?

Behind the teacher

When we speak about Yoga and mothers we think of expecting mums and little babies. In this case it’s an adult daughter doing yoga with her mum! I love this story!

At a time when we are living longer lives it is adamant to keep our body in mint condition. Being able to involve your own mother in practicing yoga to keep her body supple and healthy is the most precious gift a daughter can give to her mother.

The yoga teacher we interview today did just that and can be an inspiration for all of us. I love the fact that Camille has her mum in mind when designing certain classes and in doing so, includes people who will otherwise feel intimidated in participating in a yoga class.

One doesn’t need to perform impossible poses to benefit from yoga; small, incremental changes will help too. As we age, our balance and flexibility declines and yoga can help. Also, getting a daily dose of training can boost the immune system and everyone at the moment needs one of those, especially the elderly.

Camille chair yoga routine will feel doable to everyone, even to those who cannot picture themselves in a lululemon outfit in a room full of being bodies. But will help immensely with strength and balance those who need it the most. 


Camille, why did you want to involve your mum in doing yoga with you?

I have always wanted my mom to participate in yoga with me for the mobility benefits it has.  My mom has had Rheumatoid Arthritis since she was in her 40’s.  She also has Type 2 diabetes and Heart Disease. 

I knew that she would benefit from a consistent routine of exercise and mobility training.  She always says she feels fantastic when she is doing a yoga class.  

Anyone who tries yoga will benefit.  But you need the mindset that it is your practice and not anyone else’s.  You have to give yourself the room to be imperfect with it.  You have to allow yourself to fall out of a pose and then get back into it.  There doesn’t have to be competition or awkwardness because it is your own.  

What made you want to become a yoga teacher in the first place?

I have been a student of yoga for over 12 years. I loved the challenge of yoga and I loved the connection between the mind and the body. I was home full time due to my husband’s travel schedule. I wanted to do something for myself and knew that yoga was a great avenue for me.


How has yoga changed your life

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis when i was 27 years old. Yoga has helped me to maintain my mobility throughout the years and help me to remain active. Teaching yoga has given me the ability to show people that they can have a quality of life that is in their own control and they don’t have to be controlled by illness.

I know you have been looking at many tools for online training. We feel very privileged that you have chosen our platform. What made you chose #WOFH for your online teaching

I have always wanted my website to be able to manage all my clients to enable them to sign up for classes as well as be able to pay online through my website. I love the idea of my website is more functional for my clients. I am so happy with the platform you have built. It is very user friendly and exactly built to my business needs!!

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In Yoga one establishes a strong connection with the teacher. How do you make sure that is still there when teaching online? 

I am able to connect with my clients by talking to them throughout the session. I make them laugh. I encourage and make them feel successful. I teach them modifications to allow them to get into poses within their own abilities. I also show them that I am vulnerable as well. If I am limited to a movement, I say it. We are all on the same level.


Pro’s and con’s of live streaming, do you also have tips for doing it well?

I feel that you should make sure that you can hear your clients and that they can hear you. Always ensure that your students can see the moves you are doing so that they have a visual model to copy. Make sure your cues are clear and concise. Always keep an eye on your students to ensure that they are understanding your cues and using safe form.

What is the most expensive piece of equipment you bought for your classes? (Microphone, mat, plant?)

I have purchased items over the last 2 years to ensure my students are able to see and hear me. So I guess the most expensive item I purchased was a USB Web Cam. I have professional box lights, laptops, iPAD, wireless speakers and a microphone. I’ve learned along the way, what works and what doesn’t. It’s a journey of trial and error. So far so good. 

You can join Camille and her mum on their Chair Yoga session on EST timezone on Ezential Yoga

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