How a nomadic dancer stays grounded giving Zoom dance classes online

Fabiana – Nomadic Goddess


We start our series ‘Behind the Teacher’, interviewing Fabiana who has a space on the WOFH platform where she has a virtual room dedicated to Zoom Dance Classes online. 

With the emergence of new ways of keeping fit through virtual classes online, clients and trainers find the need to have a platform to help them manage clients, classes, and payments to make the experience a seamless one and also proving that a teacher can transmit care, enthusiasm, and human touch also to a virtual experience. And during lockdown was especially important.  

Fabiana’s passion for dance has laid the foundation for a promising career, which began when she was very young. Today, Fabiana is a well known and appreciated dance teacher and she has taken the opportunities to engage with GetWOFH’s community across its growing digital channels. 

With her classes, she will take you on a trip around the world with extreme international vibes, from Africa to Brazil to the Middle East. An amazing way to keep fit with Zoom Dance Classes online discovering new cultures and traditions.  

Zoom Dance Classes online

When did you become interested in dance? 

I have always been in love with dance, ever since I was a kid. This passion has continued throughout my teenage and college years, when I would always find a way to take dance classes, mainly Latin dance and belly dance. But when I went to live in Brazil 13 years ago, I really dove into the dancing world and turned it into my profession and life purpose and I have now decided to give Zoom Dance Classes online on WOFH

What type of dance do you feel close to you?

I fell in love with Afro-Brazilian dance, and from there I started researching more and more the connections between Africas and Brazil, discovering many things in common also with rhythms and movements from the Arabic world. So, all of these so-called “ethnic” or “traditional” dances are those I connect with, and I like to always reformulate them through my contemporary body. This is what I would like to transmit during my Zoom Dance Classes to my audience.

What do you like about giving dance classes ?

It is the perfect change to share with others the energy and joy I feel while dancing! And I strongly believe that dancing is a way to improve our health, heal our emotions, connect with our spirituality, and boost our self-esteem and self-love. Especially during these times, it’s important to reach out to people who are isolated or healing and I thought that Zoom Dance Classes are a perfect way to do so. I love sharing this holistic vision of dance and encourage people to discover and express their creativity through their moving bodies!

Zoom Dance Classes online

What are the challenges of teaching online? 

Of course, human contact is what I miss most. And technology can also be a bit challenging sometimes. But I love the freedom we can all have of being together even if at our own home in different parts of the world! It is quite magic!

Why did you chose WOFH as your platform?  

WOFH is a very open-minded platform, which allows the different instructors to really express who they are and how they want to work. I thought it was the perfect platform to set up my Zoom Dance Classes. People working there are a dedicated bunch and you can feel they love what they do. Also, the platform is very user-friendly and has all the tech sphere taken care of, so that I can just focus on my creative and holistic work as a dancer and teacher.

Why Nomadic Dances?  

The idea of Nomadic Dance comes from the desire of going BEYOND frontiers, not just physically, but really breaking free from all types of categories and definitions, thus understanding our bodies and cultures as nomadic, that is always multiple and in transit, rather than stuck in single “boxes”. It is a calling to realize we are much more similar than different and to view reality and the world more as a rainbow than just black or white, and expressing this boundless idea in our bodies. 

You can try one of Fabiana’s Nomadic Dance on the getwofh.com platform  here
Nomadic Goddess

Mar Bovi

Mar has work experience in tech, her passion is to make complex concepts easily digestible. Writer with a passion for fitness and health who wants to make the world a more peaceful place. A nomadic soul speaking 4 languages who lived in many countries around the world.

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