How to Convert Facebook Fitness Group Members into Clients?

Learning how to convert Facebook fitness group members into clients is important to building a successful fitness studio or gym, and that is how you increase your client base. Facebook groups are a great and free marketing tool for businesses. 

They help them attract new prospects and engage current ones with great support, content, and community. Thus, if you want to generate leads and take the bond with the customers to the next level, create a Facebook group for your fitness business today.

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Best Ways to Convert Facebook Fitness Group Members into Clients

Here is how you can get leads from your Facebook group:

1. Set Up a Facebook Group and Welcome Questions 

If you do not have a Facebook group, create one asap. Facebook Groups is a fun and creative way to engage with your followers. The biggest perk is the advertisement of your product and services to a huge community quickly. 

You can also create your lead generation funnel. It is a systematic approach to generating leads by funneling your target audience through diverse stages until they decide to make a purchase. Keep the following pointers in mind when setting up your Facebook group:

  • Screen people well before you add them. It will help you create a community of like-minded people and keep the conversation going with minimal effort.
  • Avoid adding people to your group without their permission.
  • Use Facebook group questions to survey your new members and eventually get their data into your CRM.

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2. Garner Emails from New Group Members

Collect the data of new group members, mainly emails from the first day of your group creation, and add the emails to your favorite email marketing software. Group Leads chrome extension will help you to do that with much ease.

Here is how to convert existing Facebook group members into leads:

a) Use Opt-in Forms

Create opt-in forms to direct members to your site. Also, every time you post long-form content into your group, make sure you add call-to-action links that point back to your landing page.

Promise them something for free of cost in exchange for dropping their emails. After that, automatically provide email drips to your current group members as you sell to them.

b) Collect Information of Current Members

Scape data of your group members using Facebook group scraper software and then add to your email marketing auto-responder. However, this is a black hat technique and may not adhere to Facebook policy and GDPR.

3. Define Your Niche

It is also vital to define the niche you desire to target. For this, find and join several famous groups in that niche and begin a conversation within their members. With time, members will start noticing you as an authority, follow you, and become a member.

Obviously, you will be using your group to convert Facebook fitness group members into clients. But avoid positioning it that way. For building a group that is relevant and niche-specific to your target audience, you need to have a clear and strong focus for your group. It will help you when you decide to sell your fitness course to your community.

4. Create Engaging Posts Online to Provide Value

Facebook groups are engaging groups where spam is not tolerated at all. They typically have stringent guidelines to keep the value high. Thus, when helping people within these groups, make sure you avoid spamming and selfless promotion of other people.

Remember, when you offer high value to the people within the groups, it will return to you 2x. Creating high-quality online content and sharing it in related groups is an excellent way to deliver great value and convert Facebook fitness group members into clients. 

The more people consume your posted content, the more they will know about your company, trust, and buy from you. Here are a couple of ideas about the type of online content you should create:

  • Video testimonials
  • An online course that teaches about food preparation and healthy eating.
  • Nutrition blog or recipe
  • A two-week workout plan for your fans to follow while they are enjoying their holidays.
  • The Ultimate 7-day fitness challenge to helps your followers accomplish their weight-loss goals.
  • Evergreen advertisement
  • Tips on how to stay healthy.

Use the tips below to generate more conversion:

  • Always add images in your social media posts to drive 2.3X engagement.
  • Use email marketing to deliver content. It will allow you to stay on the top with your existing clients.
  • Post content once or twice in your group in one day. Otherwise, the admin might block you from too much posting.

5. Focus on Quality Over Quantity 

Do not focus on the huge number of people in your group. Instead, it’s best to have cohesive groups where people support each other. It will help your Facebook group grow organically and convert facebook fitness group members into clients. I advise you to link to your own group on your profile so that people can easily trace you.

6. Set Up Your Profile Funnels

Building profile funnels for your Facebook account is totally free. It is also an excellent way to turn profile followers into new members and eventually gain more leads.

Your profile funnel consists of the following elements:

  • Your profile banner 
  • An engaging introduction with a link
  • Links to anywhere you want
  • A square image with a call to action
  • Pages you manage 

How to set up your personal profile as a Facebook funnel?

Step 1: Create a cover photo with a “Join my Group” Call to Action. In the photo description, add another Call to Action here with a link to your group.

Step 2: Repeat the same steps with your profile picture and add the same call to action.

Step 3: Setup your introduction, featured photo, and your role.

7. Add Pictures of Your Clients in the Posts

The key to making sure your marketing convert Facebook fitness group members into clients is to ensure that the posts are not just about you and your workouts. 

The truth is that people nowadays do not care much about workouts. They want to see other people so that they can associate with when looking to join a gym. Make sure you display your clients in your social media posts.

8. Be Engaged in the Group 

Keep your Facebook group active and be engaged. Offer your members useful tips, support, and motivation. The most important thing is – to be REAL. It will make members feel more comfortable while posting in your group. Use tips below to keep them hooked:

  • Use the power of Facebook Live to attract people in real-time. 
  • Share extra tips, elaborate on a topic, or use it as a Q and A.
  • When people require specific help, tell them that they set up a free consultation with you.
  • Post motivational quotes and pictures once or twice a week.
  • Select theme days to make it fun, at least three days a week.

9. Incentivize People to Join

Offering incentives like exclusive prizes, special training, and videos are also an excellent way to keep your fitness group members engaged. 

You can devote a little bit of additional time to the group. When you grow a community of thankful members, it will pay off in dividends. Below are the best ideas for giveaways:

  • Walkthroughs and video training that people love
  • Special PDF reports
  • Free courses online
  • Hidden hacks

This type of stuff motivates people to join your community and convert Facebook fitness group members into clients.

10. Ask for Feedback and Use It

The people in your Facebook group are your most loyal fans. They are spending their valuable time talking about your business. See, learn, ask for feedback, and then use it.

It will offer you a chance to dive into real insights from people that are aware of your business. It will also lower the chance of harsh criticism and encourage buying. For the dissatisfied members, use the tips below:

  • Get rid of the unfavorable content asap and contact the offender in a private message.
  • Spread positivity in the group by keeping things upbeat and light.
  • Use gifs and emojis to keep the mood light.


A Facebook Group is an excellent solution to connect and build a great bond with your target audience. Our methods mentioned above will convert Facebook fitness group members into clients in no time. It will also boost your organic reach and create new rivers of cash.

Ryan Gates

Marketing specialist and Head of Growth of many startups. Ryan is a lifelong entrepreneur and passionate about helping startups and marketers not suck. He speaks, practices, and blogs about growth and digital marketing on WOFH and across the universe.

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