9 Best Books For Fitness Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for great books for fitness entrepreneurs? Check out our ultimate checklist. Whether you are just starting a fitness business or have well established one, these inspirational books help you drive your business growth and work more efficiently.

Ultimate Booklist for Fitness Entrepreneurs

Check out our list of books perfect for those in fitness business:

1. Ignite the Fire (By Jonathan Goodman)

Best Books Fitness Entrepreneurs

Ignite the Fire is one of the great books for fitness entrepreneurs and certified personal fitness trainers that want to set up their fitness careers for the very beginning. This upgraded Edition is already loved by tons of trainers across the globe, and you will also like it for sure.

It covers a complete guide on everything you may require to begin your fitness business successfully. You can read it to build a huge clientele, image, and revenue.

The book Goodman teaches you:

  • How to become a professional personal trainer
  • How to get a personal trainer certification
  • Land your dream fitness job 
  • High-integrity techniques to lure more clients
  • Boost income and reputation of your business and much more

2. The Business of Fitness: Understanding the Financial Side of Owning a Fitness Business (By Thomas Plummer)

Best Books Fitness Entrepreneurs

Handling accounting may sometimes seem a headache for fitness professionals. However, this book by Thomas Plummer offers excellent tips in easy to understand language so that fitness experts carry out accounting tasks effectively.

It will include concepts such as accounting, pricing structure, financial planning, strategic planning, and other beneficial elements. They are mainly valuable for those starting a new fitness business or build an existing business.

Thomas is a famous consultant and personal training expert. He has put his 26 years of experience into this fitness book.

3. Gym Launch (By Alex Hormozi)

Best Books Fitness Entrepreneurs

Gym Launch offer lessons learned by the author while he helped more than 2500 owners of the gym find huge success. It is ideal for the gym owners that want to mint more money from every client and how to retain them.

The author has offered a guide from the most profitable gym owners in an easily digestible language. It will show you the data associated with launching a gym and operating it properly.

When Alex Hormozi started his first gym business, he realized that his rent was more than what’s left in his bank account. He knew that he needed to identify the best solution to turn the leads into sales. Alex soon discovered that success in the fitness industry was tougher to come by than he thought initially. 

Hormozi spent a few years searching about operating a gym, and he turned his deep knowledge into an awesome book. The book specializes in high ticket sales and lead generation for boot camps, small group training studios, and crosscuts.

4. The Soul of a Trainer: You Were Born To Change the World (By Thomas Plummer)

Best Books Fitness Entrepreneurs

The Soul of a Trainer is another book by Thomas Plummer on personal training. If you’re the owner of fitness business and looking for books on fitness entrepreneurs, it is perfect for you. It is a collection of blog posts and Facebook posts that the author wrote in 2017 and 2018.

He shared his deep insights and advice about just thriving your fitness business, but also about a life well-lived.

5. The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga (By Amy Ippoliti and Taro Smith)

Best Books Fitness Entrepreneurs

If you want to make yoga teaching your full-time career and mint huge sums of money, The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga is for you. In this book, Famous yoga teacher Amy, along with former athlete Taro bridges the gap that numerous yoga teacher training programs leave.

The actionable tips that will help you set your yoga business run very smoothly. This indispensable book is a perfect guide for both newbies and seasoned yoga professionals. It is one of the books for fitness entrepreneurs that offers insights into:

  • Maximizing the business image and accomplishing goals
  • How to create a loyal fan following
  • How to maintain a marketing plan and much more

6. Start With Why (By Simon Sinek)

Start With Why (By Simon Sinek)

If you want to beat competitors in the fitness world, attract new clients, or inspire other people, buy this book today.

Inspired by his real-life experiences, “Start With Why by Simon Sinek offer bring a powerful image of why few people get more successful, unlike others. Numerous real-life stories help you to understand clearly what it truly takes to lead.

7. The 4-Hour Work Week (By Tim Ferriss)

fitness book

Whether you’re an overworked employee or a business tycoon trapped in their own business, the 4-Hour Workweek is the best book to buy. 

It is one of the excellent book for fitness entrepreneurs. It will offer great tips that let you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

You will be able to reduce the time spent on doing unnecessary business tasks. This allows you to change your life and business that helps you earn a monthly five-figure income with minimal effort.

8. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business (By Charles Duhigg)

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business (By Charles Duhigg)

After getting interested in the science of habits, the award-winning author wrote this amazing book. The Power of Habit discovers the science behind habit formation and how they can be changed.

After reading the book, you can harness that science to improve your life. Charles Duhigg sheds light on the secret to boosting the productivity of a business, losing weight, and exercising on a regular basis, and much more.

9. Virtual Freedom (By Chris Ducker)

fitness book

If you want to know you how to hire virtual employees to help you support and grow your business, Virtual Freedom is great for you. It shows excellent advice that you can use to accomplish the dream of running a business successfully.

The book also assists in how you can become a good leader and much more efficient without stressing yourself. It is one of the beneficial books for fitness entrepreneurs, small business owners, and consultants that don’t have too that much money to grow their business as they want.

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If you’re die-hard serious about growing your fitness business, you must read the books for fitness entrepreneurs mentioned above. They will help you boost productivity and long-lasting success. 

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