Book Review: Living Yoga by Rachel Scott

Book Review: Living Yoga by Rachel Scott

I have been following Rachel Scott for a while now since I launched WOFH the platform that supports yoga teachers and fitness professionals in their transition to digital. Many of our trainers, in the beginning, struggled with sound and voice while recording their classes in Zoom and I started to look online for materials to help them out. This is how I found Rachel Scott.

She is my go to person when I’m looking for tips and resources for yoga teachers and also on how to set up a perfect class or how to create a training course. She is an endless font of knowledge. 

Living Yoga Rachel Scott

She is a very successful yoga teacher and I find her classes impeccable and a pleasure to follow. She is a teacher trainer giving the 200 Hour YTT course. She also gives lessons on how to create a teachers’ training, including online. Her tutorials are followed by many and are a continuous inspiration to the yoga community. Rachel gives practical advice which is extremely precious when one wants to run a class via Zoom and doesn’t know where to start.

Living Yoga by Rachel Scott

She provides suggestions for the sound, background, and presence for both live-streaming and on-demand classes. After all, also these technical aspects can make or break a wonderful class and should not be underestimated. 

I also love her spirit and attitude towards yoga as she’s humorous and doesn’t have a stern attitude. 

So I was very pleased when I discovered her new book was out.  “Living Yoga – 52 Weeks of Inspiration to Center and Enhance Everyday Life” published by Cider Mill Press, 

This is a small book with valuable content. 52 short chapters to guide you through the year. A new yoga exercise is introduced each week with information on how to apply it to our daily lives. It could almost be one for each week of the year.  

The word “yoga exercise” brings to mind beautiful and impossible poses but in this book the teaching is theoretical. After all, as Rachel explains in chapter 44, only one sutra (aphorism) is dedicated to the asana (physical posture) in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjalireferences book, which is regarded as the source for the yoga practice.

In this book, Rachel seeks to discover how yoga can help our life with our response to what happens to us – a collection of life lessons to navigate life maintaining your mental well-being. This is a book everyone needs during these challenging times in order to cultivate mental peace, resilience and fortitude.

However, instead of overwhelming the reader with a lot of information, Rachel breaks it down in little parts. I believe it is indeed with small and continuous improvement that one can achieve great things.

Rachel doesn’t shy away and she is ready to give us information about her life to prove what she is saying and how the yoga principle transformed her life. I found this very touching.

Don’t let the simple graphics fool you. This is a well-structured book that has different levels of meaning. You can read it in one go and get the gist of things, and this could be all you want or need, but you can go deeper and practice each teaching with mindfulness. 

It is so useful that you could even just open it randomly and practice the teaching as an exercise waiting for the perfect opportunity to put it into practice. Rachel herself gives advice on how to read the book at its very beginning. Any way you want to read it, by the time you finish it, you will have a framework for navigating the principles of yoga and apply them to your daily life. 

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I love the fact that her teachings are very practical and we can all relate to them. She provides a simple explanation for complex feelings that all humans experience, giving us the key to handle them, calming a fidgeting mind.

I believe reading this book will certainly give you a hand in becoming not only a better person but also your best friend. 

Rachel’s also the author of other books on yoga, including a book on dating the yogi’s way (I did tell you she has irony) as a proof that you can really apply yoga principles to every aspect of our life. 

I particularly appreciated the reference to the history of yoga and the Hindi religion together with the explanation of some Sanskrit names (some I had heard of but was too lazy to check the meaning of).

Overall a very interesting book that I’ve enjoyed reading very much.

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