Which is the Best Insurance for Yoga Teachers in the US?

Having the best insurance for yoga teachers living in the United States is essential. There are tons of options for insurance available today. But the best yoga insurance deals can cover the liability, stolen/lost equipment, identity protection, additional teacher resources, a professional site, and other perks.

The majority of best insurance companies also provide a discount to students who do post-graduation and enter their first teaching year. Whether it’s yoga equipment loss, medical bills of students, or a lawsuit, right insurance protects yoga teachers to a great extent.

best insurance for yoga teachers

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Types of Yoga Insurance Coverage

The best insurance for yoga teachers in 2020 usually includes:

a) Professional Liability 

This insurance coverage guard against claims of negligence.

b) General Liability 

This insurance coverage guard against third party property damage and bodily injuries.

Why Yoga Teachers Require Yoga Insurance?

As per News Medical reports, emergency-room visits for yoga-related injuries have hiked by 70% in the past five years. Yoga may be a light sport, but injuries and mishaps still happen.

Yoga injuries can occur due to previous injury, unsafe techniques, excess effort, or insufficient teacher instruction. The most affected body parts include the shoulders, neck, lower back, knees, and wrists. Sometimes, the injuries are often outside of our control.

Most time, it’s not even the fault of a yoga teacher. Students may even fail to reveal or lack awareness about their conditions. Moreover, yoga teachers are also held responsible for studio theft and destruction. Therefore, whether you are teaching yoga online or in-person, it’s worth investing in yoga liability insurance.

As a certified yoga teacher, liability insurance for yoga is non-negotiable. Furthermore, plenty of yoga studios will ask teachers for proof of insurance before permitting them to teach there. And getting proof of insurance and immediate coverage lets you teach stress-free in your next class.

The best insurance companies let you show your yoga studio that you have insurance for yoga teachers. Having cover also prevents you from expensive legal fees. This ultimately provides a high peace of mind when it comes to your yoga business.

What to Consider When Picking the Best Insurance for Yoga Teachers?

Below are the things to consider when selecting the best insurance as a yoga teacher:

  • Pick a yoga insurance plan that incorporates the yoga styles you teach
  • Always ask for recommendations from colleagues and buddies
  • See where you will be covered
  • Ensure that your coverage offers you just what you actually want and that too at an affordable price. You can pick a plan with a minimum of $2 million in liability coverage per event in case of a serious lawsuit in the upcoming years.
  • Look for additional perks like theft coverage, discounts on yoga and wellness products, etc.

If you keep in mind the pointers discussed above, it makes your business grow and get much stronger with time. 

Best Yoga Insurance Companies

With plenty of insurance companies, finding the best insurance for yoga teachers can be challenging. But it’s crucial to dive into their yoga insurance policies deeply before you commit to any insurance company.

Below is the list of top yoga insurance companies for those new and savvy yoga instructors that did not want to land themselves into any trouble.

1. BeYogi

Insurance for Yoga Teachers

BeYogi is another best insurance for yoga teachers and students. It offers professional coverage for 350+ services and yoga styles. The great part – if you change job or work on your own part-time, your coverage still follows you.  

BeYogi insurance policies incorporate:

  • Preferred group rates on insurance plans
  • Discounts on yoga education
  • Savings on daily expenditure
  • Discounts to your favorite yoga brands
  • Free-of-cost yoga site
  • Discounts on business resources

2. Next Insurance

best Insurance for Yoga Teachers

100,000 business owners highly trust Next Insurance. It is created to offer your yoga business the coverage it deserves. Tailored insurance policies are available according to your needs. 

You can pay your yoga liability insurance premium every month so you can continue teaching while getting insured at the same time. The biggest benefit is that users can cancel it online anytime in case they are not satisfied. You can even download the Certificate of Insurance online. There are no additional charges.

3. Simply Business

Insurance for Yoga Teachers

Simply Business is a renowned insurance broker online. It makes it easy to compare diverse quotes of different insurance policies. Thousands of business owners trust them for protection for their business.

They render the best insurance for yoga teachers, covering you against the risks you could face while teaching yoga. This helps you increase the growth of your yoga business rather than taking stress.

4. Yoga Journal Teachers (Plus)

Insurance for Yoga Teachers

Whether you need full time or part-time yoga teaching insurance for you, Teachers Plus is a great option for you. It offers cost-effective liability insurance coverage and security to yoga instructors. Moreover, users can also get access to membership options at any time. It includes premium content, online courses, etc.

5. Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY)

Insurance for Yoga Teachers

Fitness and Wellness Individual Yoga Instructor liability insurance program by PHLY is created for Yoga Teachers teaching at special events and on and off-premises. It offers protection for Yoga styles of almost every type. It includes Anusara, Kundalini, Qigong, Bikram, etc.


Yoga lawsuits can be costly even when you are not negligent. It ruins your reputation and puts the business at high risk. Yoga teacher insurance coverage is built to meet the unique needs of instructors and yoga teachers. Picking the right coverage offers protection against expensive lawsuits and claims.

Liability insurance offers excelent financial protection in the situation of a lawsuit. Few come with extra advantages depending on the insurer you pick. If you are looking for the affordable and best software for your fitness facility or yoga studio, WOFH is a great choice.

It helps yoga and pilates teachers, fitness pros, and dance experts go virtual in no time. The biggest bonus-point – a one-month free trial is available. This allows you to spend time driving online yoga business to grow fast.

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