20 Fitness Content Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Are you are a fitness brand or gym owner looking to strengthen your business online? Try implementing our best fitness content marketing strategies today.

With endless fitness brands and businesses popping up daily, it is important to create a solid content marketing strategy that caters to your audience’s needs. It will help you inspire your audience, build great brand awareness, grow a customer base, and generate leads in no time.

Fitness content marketing

Dive into the Latest Content Marketing Trends

When kick-starting your fitness brand’s content marketing campaign, it’s vital to know what works and what doesn’t. Through this article you will discover and learn the latest trends in the fitness industry, which you can use to grow your business fast.

1. Define Your Target Market and Offer them What They Desire

To lure customers and increase sales, it is important to know your target audience and see what they are looking for. It will help you detail out your USP (unique selling proposition) for your content strategy and offer them exactly what they want. Make sure you create focused content in a highly digestible format that caters to their needs and interests.

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Ask yourself before creating your fitness content marketing strategy:

  • What is your core mission, and who is your ideal client?
  • What specific services do you render?
  • Why should your audience pick you over your competitors?

2. Segment Your Audience

Your fitness content might not be suitable for every person. Therefore, the smart thing to do is segment your target audience.

Using market segmentation, you can personalize your fitness content as per your customers’ needs and boost brand engagement. It will expand your fitness community and help you reach new customers. Plus, it will also enable you to communicate your message more effectively.

The factors enlisted below will help you to divide your target customers:

  • Characteristics 
  • Demographics 
  • Interests, attitude, and behavior
  • Location
  • Purchase situations 

3. Build Great Communities on Social Media

If you’re not on social media, you are missing numerous new customers for your fitness business. Building a great social media community is a wise choice and a vital part of an effective fitness content marketing strategy. It will help you share your fitness content with a huge variety of audience and increase your brand exposure on different networks.

Fitness content marketing - social media

Keep the following pointer in mind for effective social media marketing:

  • Avoid too much promotion on your Facebook page.
  • Use relevant fitness hashtags to start conversations and boost engagement.
  • Also, do not forget to ask interesting questions from your audience to gather insight and boost engagement.

4. Share Content on Diverse Social Platforms

By sharing educational fitness content, you are becoming a resource for your readers. Here are some topics you can consider creating content about:

  • Nutrition guides, supplement facts, and workout tips
  • Fun fitness events you are hosting
  • Behind-the-scenes fitness videos 
  • Discounted fitness plans and offers
  • Before-and-after fitness transformation pictures of your clients

5. Create and Publish Helpful Fitness Blogs Regularly

Fitness content marketing also means generating superior quality and evergreen material to nurture people that are listening. Today, blogs are amongst the three forms of media used in content strategies. Thus, if your fitness site does not have a blog section already, set it up today.

As per HubSpot, brands that publish 16+ blog posts every month get 4.5 times more leads than brands that do less. Moreover, brands that actively write blogs tend to get 55% more site traffic.

Increasing fitness blog post frequency will help you establish your brand in your niche speedily. It will also boost search engine rankings of your fitness site. Always begin with a robust blog strategy to get your foot in the door.

  • Make sure you create enough engaging and in-depth fitness blog posts for your brand to turn heads your way.
  • Always listen to your existing customers for fitness topic ideas.

6. Use the Hedgehog Content Model 

One focus is always better than heading out in different directions at the same time. As per the Hedgehog Concept, companies are more likely to succeed when focusing just on one main goal for content marketing.

Hedgehog Content Model revolves around where you are and then scale from there. It is one of the great fitness content marketing strategies that you can use to accomplish your goals. However, you need to ensure that your goals are measurable and realistic.

Just write down our skills, passion, and driving force and use it to guide your fitness content marketing strategy. It will help you maintain a consistent message in your content and make it simple to craft an effective plan.

7. Focus More on Video Content

Fitness content marketing video content

Fitness brands, bloggers, and health marketing companies are nowadays attracting more customers using video marketing. They prove to be a powerful part of the marketing strategy.

Considering the present scenario with Covid 19, everyone has understood that staying indoors is important. As such, creating workout videos can help you reach your audience sitting at home. 

Plus, 65% of people are visual learners.  Thus, your workout videos will help them stay connected with your brand in every situation.

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Fitness content marketing via engaging videos helps you accomplish your most important goals. It can allow you to grow your online fitness brand 24/7.

  • Build your workout video shot in local parks and surrounding other landmarks.
  • Share fitness videos with keyword-optimized descriptions and titles.
  • Use an impressive call to action in your videos.

8. Get on the Local Platform

Make sure you take the benefit of the local search terms used by the customers in your locality. Then build a broad network with blogs, social media, and fitness video sharing sites. As per Bright Local, 97% of consumers search online for local products and services. 

Targeting local keywords lets you boost your fitness business revenue and organic traffic. However, avoid targeting local keywords in the city or state where you are not physically present.

9. Optimize Your Fitness Site for Search Engines

Fitness content marketing seo

To get better results, you will need to find out the phrases and keywords that your prospects commonly use in search queries. 

After you have a list of trending fitness keywords, ensure that you use them to optimize your fitness website contentThis fitness content marketing trick will boost your site’s search engine visibility and allow it to stay for a long time.

  • Clearly communicate who you are, your fitness services, and your USP.
  • Do not forget to include your location and contact details across your site.
  • Make sure your site is user-friendly.
  • Use tools like Uber Suggest,  Google Trends, etc.

10. Use Quora 

Publishing content on Quora is one of the most effective fitness content marketing strategies. However, it sometimes goes unnoticed.

To do it right, you will need time to respond to the quora questions appropriately. Always make sure you write a detailed and helpful response. Quora usually favors content that offers a great experience to the readers.

11. Keep a Steady Tone

When it comes to fitness content marketing, consistency is pivotal. Gym lovers, fitness enthusiasts, and fitness bloggers are always searching for a fresh, helpful, and steady stream of content. 

If you fail to deliver them as per their needs or get late in delivering, they will look elsewhere. Therefore, make sure you stay consistent so that your fitness brand becomes more memorable.

  • Decide how often you will publish content to each channel,
  • Use a consistent voice tone that well aligns with your USP and speak to your audience best
  • Create a content calendar 

12. Create Voice Activated Content

Voice-activated content is also a famous fitness content marketing trend. As people become aware of voice assistants and smart speakers like Google Home and Echo, this has increased demand for Voice-activated content. Maybe in the next few years, it may even dominate content marketing.

Recent research found that 21% of Americans own a smart speaker. Thus, if you are a brick-and-mortar fitness business, you need to optimize the voice search listings. Moreover, ensure that your content is easy to access and appealing to people performing voice-activated searches.

13. Use Backlinks and Guest Posts

Having other blog websites link back to your fitness site is a robust way to reach new audiences. It helps you build a powerful bond with other brands and also boost search engine visibility.

Guest posts are also an excellent fitness content marketing solution to increase your customer base. This motivates more and more people to read and share your content in the future.

14. Do Marketing Via Podcasts

Fitness content marketing podcast

Podcasts are also an excellent media outlet for fitness experts. You can reach out to popular podcasts and ask them to air your ad. It’s a great way to promote deals for a limited time.

  • Prepare a short and concise advertisement copy. 
  • Reach out to podcasts airing in your region to attract local customers.
  • If you do not find any podcast to partner with, build on your own.
  • Unveil your podcast episodes on a weekly or monthly basis.

15. Get Help from Industry Experts and Influencers

Influencers are the people that you pay to advertise your fitness brand on their personal social media accounts. People nowadays want to see how a company product or service will affect them personally. 

You can ask for recommendations from your family, friends, and colleagues to curate the best content that eases their uncertainty. Provide your influencers content to share and also let them put their own spin on it.

  • Find people with huge amounts of fans and followers. 
  • Make sure your influencers share the same values and lifestyle that you are trying to advertise.

16. Talk About Real People

Be as real as possible when promoting and creating content for your fitness brand. It will allow more and more people to notice you in no time. Remember, showing fit bodies pumping iron does not motivate out-of-shape newbies. 

One study of 2,000 people found that 49% of Americans avoided visiting the gym because they felt too intimidated.

  • Avoid using stock pictures of famous models lifting weights.
  • Ask your customers if you can photograph them during their workout session.
  • Ask your gym members about the kind of diets they follow and create an interesting topic on that.

17. Involve and Inspire Your Audience

Involving your audience is also one of the great fitness content marketing strategies that will help you figure out what content to post. You can use Twitter polls to get the data you need and create the content as per that.

For example, you can ask your fans and followers about their fitness problems, what type of content you would like to see more of, what can do better, etc. Poling is a great way to show your audience that you care about their input. Moreover, motivation also plays an important role in retaining customers. For example, you can:

  • Share associated memes, inspirational videos, before and after pictures.
  • Offer different competitions and challenges via social media.
  • Create an internal network of support.
  • Set up a team to watch out for which groups can collect the most steps over the week.

18. Update Online Listings

Using search and review sites like Google My BusinessYelpYellow Pages, etc. is another way to attract customers. Keeping your online profiles up-to-date helps your brand excel at SEO. It also brings more foot traffic, income, and leads to your fitness business. So, make sure you update your online listings as soon as possible.

19. Build More Targeted Landing Pages

Landing pages offer your site visitors an initial glimpse of what your fitness brand is all about. When done right, it can kick-start a successful customer journey by guiding the customers through the sales funnel.

  • Learn about the customers and market, and then blend your discoveries into content creation and fitness content marketing.
  • Create separate landing pages and optimize them for suitable keywords.
  • The simple way to start creating high-end landing pages is to use templates of Unbounce and Instapage.

20. Run A/B Tests Regularly

Alpha and Beta testing on both mobile and desktop help your fitness brand get more conversion. Doing it regularly let you know which calls-to-action, headlines, or content will be more appropriate for your readers. 

  • For the best outcome, you can consider A/B split testing. It will send more targeted buyers to your fitness product pages.


Content marketing for the fitness space does not have to be a mystery. As long as you’re familiar with your audience and how to reach them, you should have no issue in luring new customers to your business. Implement our above-mentioned fitness marketing strategies today to drive the growth of your business.

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