9 Best Blogs for Fitness Entrepreneurs in 2020

Are you hunting the best blogs for fitness entrepreneurs? Read our post. In this fast-paced Fitness industry, it is quite difficult for fitness entrepreneurs to be informed about the latest fitness trends.

Whether it is how to expand your reach or implementing the best techniques to attract the customers, fitness entrepreneurs need a trusted place where they can keep up with the industry and serve their community in the best way.

Best Blogs for Fitness Entrepreneurs

In this post, we are going to share the nine best blogs for fitness entrepreneurs that will not help you in expanding your business but also sharing the latest trends of the fitness world. We are sure that after reading this article, you will be able to enhance your customer experience and will help them in achieving their fitness goals.

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1. ACE Fit

Blogs for Fitness Entrepreneurs Ace Fit

ACE stands for the American Council of Exercise, is one of the best places on the internet where you can find the latest trends in the fitness world.

Sometimes, your customers may also ask you about the latest trends in the market and try something new. Therefore, you need to be updated with all the new things in the market by following the ACE fit.

You should know that you may lose your customer without the best information, and reputation can be affected badly in the market.


WOFH blog Blogs for Fitness Entrepreneurs

WOFH blog is one of the best blogs for fitness entrepreneurs and trainers. If you want to offer online fitness or yoga classes, WOFH can help you organize everything. WOFH is the software that helps you to manage online Yoga or fitness classes. 

The first online-only fitness studio management application supports fitness, pilates trainers, and dance classes. 

Trainers can manage and publish their schedules and send automated reminders before beginning a class. WOFH also helps you to accept and manage payments from your customers for your courses. You will also find excellent blogs for fitness entrepreneurs too.

3. New York Times Wellness

New York Times Blogs for Fitness Entrepreneurs

If you own a gym, New York Times Wellness must be part of the blog-list because your customers also like to read the same articles. 

You should know that NYTimes wellness doesn’t write about the fitness world specifically, but allow the writers to discover the new things to stay fit and healthy. 

Therefore, you will not only enjoy the fitness knowledge, but you are going to grasp many new things from this popular blog. 

4. Trainerize

Trainerize blog

Trainerize is one of the best blogs for fitness entrepreneurs and trainers. It is an online platform that enables you to start and grow your fitness training business. They have plans for beginners and existing trainers tailored to suit less or a greater number of clients.

You can create your training programs, track the client’s progress, manage their nutrition, accept payments in the app, and build your brand with the Trainerize.

If you are just beginning your fitness training business with less than five clients, you can subscribe to the ‘Grow’ or ‘Pro’ plan as they are economical. You can check their services by taking a free 30-day trial. 

5. Classpass

ClassPass blog

Classpass is a blog and application that helps users attend digital fitness classes from anywhere and learn various workouts. They have different courses and plans customized to various requirements of users. 

As a fitness trainer, you can join Classpass as a partner. Whether you are a beginner or have an existing fitness training business, you can join Classpass to grow your business.

As you join, you get access to a global network of users and tap into new audiences in any country. You get paid for every reservation and access to real-time data to track your progress.

6. Online Trainers Federation

 Online Trainers Federation

If you want to take your fitness training business online, you can do it best by joining the online trainer’s federation. The website has podcasts and blogs for fitness entrepreneurs. They will guide you on how other fitness trainers did a successful online business in personal training. 

You can create your free account on their website and get instant access to online coaching material. Online Trainers Federation also offers you to purchase their courses and access them on your dashboard. It means you can study yourself as well as deliver your courses to your clients.

7. PT Pioneer

PT Pioneer

Pt Pioneer is a blog that publishes highly informative articles on personal training and fitness. It has a couple of articles that offer tips and tricks to become a personal trainer. Readers can find everything they need in the field of personal training in fitness.  

If you are a fitness enthusiast looking to become a personal trainer, this website features excellent blogs for fitness entrepreneurs that can guide you step by step.

It offers you various courses that you can join, conduct tests, and offer certifications that help you get a job in gyms and fitness institutes.

8. IDEA Health and Fitness Association

IDEA Health and Fitness Association

IDEA falls under the category of popular fitness communities, which has professionals from different fields of the fitness world. You will not only read articles on this website, but you can also participate in discussions by creating a free account on this website. 

You should know that there are multiple benefits of signing up on this popular forum as you can discuss the issues with other club owners and advise them on different things as well. 

Therefore, you can meet people who are like you and looking forward to expanding their business. As they say, like the minded discussion has a fruitful conclusion, you can easily find the right solution for your fitness club. 

9. Club Industry

 Club Industry

The fitness entrepreneurs who are new in the fitness world and looking for a place where they can know the industry well, Club Industry is the right place for them. 

The website doesn’t only offer you the latest trends but also serve your business strategies to attract customers. Here you will find perfect blogs for fitness entrepreneurs for sure.

The Bottom Line

If you just landed in the fitness world as a fitness entrepreneur, you don’t have any need to worry about your business. You can easily manage your business and attract new members daily by following the blogs for fitness entrepreneurs mentioned above. 

You can also hire a person to keep track of the content of these blogs if your budget allows you so that you can give a tough fight to your competitors. 

Mar Bovi

Mar has work experience in tech, her passion is to make complex concepts easily digestible. Writer with a passion for fitness and health who wants to make the world a more peaceful place. A nomadic soul speaking 4 languages who lived in many countries around the world.

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