6 Best Ways To Make Your Zoom Yoga Classes Perfect

Amidst this challenging time, it is great to see the yoga community taking a collective digital approach and delivering their classes online. While many popular brands have been teaching online yoga classes for quite some time, for many yoga studios, it is a new territory that they are trying to understand.

Among all the online software, Zoom yoga classes have gained the most traction. A majority of yoga studios have been taking their classes on the Zoom platform and for the right reason. In this article, we are helping you make the most of the Zoom platform and deliver class as efficiently as you would in your physical studio.

Getting the HD Quality

The first step towards providing a great online yoga session is to get the video quality right. If your video is not good, then people will divert themselves from your Zoom yoga classes. To begin with, make sure you have the latest version of the Zoom application. You will find two settings in the video tab Touch up my appearance and enable HD.

The former will slightly blur the image in order to smooth your skin tones. We recommend that you leave it off. The Enable HD feature will allow you to record videos at 720p. Another key aspect of getting the quality right is to have a solid internet connection.

Moreover, make sure you are taking your class in a well-lit room. Getting the right exposure can increase the quality of your video tremendously.

The position of your webcam is also an essential factor. Keep the camera straight and do not film from too far as the video may appear unflattering.


Improve Your Audio Quality

During your Zoom Yoga Classes, you will constantly be instructing the members on what to do next. To ensure that every member of the class is able to hear you clearly, you need to maintain high audio quality.

Computer microphones are naturally going to be too far away to fetch your voice clearly; therefore, you should try using earbuds or headsets. This way, the class members can listen and follow your instructions clearly.

While it is a no-brainer, you should pick a location that is quiet. Even when you are using earbuds, loud noises coming from the background can create interference.

Often the quality of Zoom classes gets disrupted when there are a lot of echoes. To prevent the same, ensure that you join the stream through a single audio source. This means either choose a phone line or computer audio, never both.

During the class, you can request the members to mute their microphones so that there is no interference. A good thing to ensure during your class is to shut down all unnecessary tabs and check your cellular bandwidth. It is always better to record your classes over wi-fi as opposed to cellular networks.

Check Your Settings

Zoom yoga classes

As mentioned above, make sure that your Zoom application is updated. You do not want to be interrupted with an update notification in the middle of the class or just before it starts. Join the meeting before everyone else in order to check your settings and ensure everything is on the right track.

Double-checking everything before the class starts is better than being embarrassed with a glitch in the middle. Ensure that you are on the Speaker View, and all the participants are muted.

Considering that you will be the only one talking, muting all will help you reduce the disturbance during the class from the member’s side. Moreover, if you do not want to allow any latecomers, you can lock the meeting from the Participant’s setting.

For a better view, keep your video as the primary active speaker. You can do this by clicking on the up-arrow placed next to the video icon and selecting the Video Setting and then Spotlight My Video.

This way, your instruction will remain in the center of the class, even if others speak or make any noise. It is a great feature to ensure that everyone stays focused on the class and facilitates higher-quality recording.

Keep Things Comfortable

Zoom Yoga classes have enabled trainers to keep their doors open for their members even when their studios have closed down. However, it is naturally challenging for both trainers and learners to get used to the digital approach.

Considering that everyone is out of routine, try to bring them back first. Include simple warm-up routines and meditation, in the beginning, to make them feel comfortable. It will make things easier for both you and your members.

When you rush, it can be quite evident in the video. Therefore, slow your pace and create a calming atmosphere. Let your class know that they have adequate time to work things out.

Depending on your connection, there can be a slight delay; therefore, give additional pause after every position.

Moreover, if you are trying to create a sequence, ensure that your transitions are simple with limited sequences. This is particularly important when you are taking classes with beginners.

Do not just perform one position and get it over with. As mentioned before, keep your pace slow and offer repetitions so that everyone can understand the flow of the yoga class.

Schedule Zoom Classes with WOFH

Zoom Fitness

One of the imperative factors that make your Zoom yoga class seamless is the software you are using. You need to integrate software that can manage all aspects of your business. WOFH is a software that is designed to provide an all-encompassing experience to the yoga studio trainers. The software facilitates integration with Zoom. The software allows you to get a dedicated link for each class that will be sent to the subscribers. This will ensure that members are reminded of the class in a timely manner.

Keep Things Lively with Good Music

Trainers often complain that their music sound does not come as loud as they would prefer in a Zoom yoga class. If you want to play free music on this platform, you have to choose royalty-free music.

Moreover, it is important to create the right balance between the sound of music and your instruction. You have to ensure that the music comes from the device rather than the microphone you are using to speak. For that, head to Share Screen, go to the Advanced tab and select Music or Computer Sound Only.

Now you can start playing music through a streaming platform or directly from your computer file. Additionally, you can control the music volume from the app itself to get to an ideal level.

If you are using it for the first time, you can play a track at the start of the session. Ask the members whether they can hear the music or if the music is too loud. Based on their reaction, you can adjust the music accordingly.

How to Take Payments When Teaching on Zoom?

The payment process is an imperative aspect that contributes to the success of your online yoga classes. Nobody wants to go through an arduous process. People expect to pay for services in a simple and secure manner. By leveraging the potentials of applications like WOFH, you can also accomplish the same. This software is designed to facilitate check-out in just a few clicks. You do not to waste your time managing different aspects of the payment with multiple tools. All you need is a simple and straightforward tool to ensure payment efficiency.

The Bottom Line

Zoom yoga classes, when leveraged properly, can be an effective tool to ensure that your services are accessible to the customers all the time.

However, for a successful digital yoga studio, you need to get the right approach. Along with choosing the right software, above are some tips that will help you make your zoom yoga classes successful.

Mar Bovi

Mar has work experience in tech, her passion is to make complex concepts easily digestible. Writer with a passion for fitness and health who wants to make the world a more peaceful place. A nomadic soul speaking 4 languages who lived in many countries around the world.

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