10 Best Yoga Studio Management Software in 2021

10 Best Yoga Studio Management Software in 2021

The digital landscape delivered by the internet has provided us with the luxury of many things. We have been able to explore the virtual avenue of online courses and schools. Similarly, we have been able to access a deal of information and materials seamlessly, basking in the full jolly and utmost ease of virtual meetings through the use of Zoom and Skype.

Do you know you can actively and easily manage your fitness business using online subscriptions? Do you know you can also have your fitness programs well-structured with the use of some software?

The sophistication that technology has provided us with fitness programs to such loft. In that vein, I present you with Yoga Studio Management Software that can make these a reality.

What is a Yoga Studio Management Software?

A yoga studio management software is a digital tool that enables virtual means of managing a fitness program. It is a platform through which fitness instructors and administrators can manage and schedule fitness classes for their clients.

While there may be varying functions that different Yoga studio management programs provide, they share some basic similarities such as:

  • Managing fitness programs
  • Scheduling fitness classes
  • Onboarding new members
  • Payment tracking 
  • Collect online payments and subscriptions
  • Automating renewal programs
  • Automating messaging and communication
  • Creating different membership plans and subscriptions
  • Tracking trainee’s attendance
  • Providing mobile applications for subscribers
  • Getting feedback from members
  • Creating a marketing outfit

I have comprehensively enlisted the best yoga studio management software, and provided you with their detailed descriptions. With such information, you are in the best position to choose the packages that best suit you.

10 Best Yoga Studio Management software in 2021


Yoga studio Managament software; WOFH (working out from Home) homepage


WOFH (Working out from Home) is amazingly crafted with powerful tools and it comes with little cost.  This ideal yoga studio management software allows you to virtually and accurately perform administrative tasks for your fitness program with great ease. It is deployed for web-based environments, cloud, and Saas. 

The WOFH’s mission is to allow any yoga teacher to set up in just one-click their own virtual yoga studio.


  • Create a personalized webpage for your online yoga studio
  • Schedule online yoga classes
  • Stream online yoga classes on Zoom
  • Collect payments and subscriptions
  • Manage Free Trial and Coupons
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Multi Instructors
  • Custom Website (Add Your Own Logo, Colors, and Domain Name)
  • E-mail and Reminders


It generously offers FREE subscription plan for starters. Premium and business subscription plans are $20/month and $50/month respectively. There are percentage discounts for charities and NGOs.

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2. WellnessLiving

Yoga studio Managament software; WellnessLiving Homepage


Are you longing for a comprehensive package that can exquisitely manage your Yoga Studio? You might just want to try out WellnessLiving. It is armed with marvelous tools that enable the schedule of appointments, automated subscription and email marketing.

It also provides metrics to client history and progress logs, rewards programs, and online payments. It comes with an appealing visual and user-friendly interface. This is an ideal yoga studio management software for dance professionals and yoga instructors. Its usability is on different digital environments such as web-based, Cloud, Sass, iPhone, and Android.


  • Scheduling appointments
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Employee management
  • Online Subscription


The starting price for this package is $59.00/month. There is no free trial and version

3. Zen Planner

Yoga studio Managament software; Zen Planner homepage


Do you run a boutique workout facility or affiliate gym? Zen Planner might be the right choice for you. It is a very sophisticated digital means through which you can effectively manage your fitness resource.

It is a Yoga Studio Management Software that enables you to track fitness activities, schedule classes, and automate payment. It also makes provision for your employee and client apps. Its deployment includes web-based, Cloud, Saas, iPhone, and Android environments.


  • Tracking Member’s participation
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Class scheduling
  • Customized Member’s webpage


The starting price is $117.00 per month. It offers free trial but there are no free versions.

4. Mindbody

Mindbody homepage


Mindbody embodies an array of functionalities that will intrigue you.[1]   It eases building your fitness program by making use amazing digital tools. It has tools that automate marketing and client management. It enables class scheduling and digital payment activities . It is a Yoga Studio Management Software that you need to try out. It is intrinsically web-based but also works on iPhone and Andriod environments.


  • Class scheduling
  • Automated registration
  • Tracking client’s attendance
  • Client’s management


It comes only with a premium package that starts from $129.00/month. There is no free trial or version. It offers a free demo.

5. Punchpass

Yoga studio Managament software; Punchpass homepage


Punchpass is a  right choice for administrators that wish to organize group fitness classes, upload live and on-demand fitness videos[1] . It comes with tools that schedule classes, organize workshops, sell passes, and make reservations for special events. It is a full package Yoga Studio Management Software that is right on the hook!  It works only in web-based environments.


  • Automated payment
  • Tracking clients’ attendance
  • Automated assessment
  • Employee management
  • Clients’ management


It is priced at $39.00/month for a start. There are no free versions and trials.

6. Glofox

Yoga studio Managament software; Glofox homepage


Glofox is such Yoga Studio Management Software that is reinforced to effectively  guage instructor-client engagement. It[1]  provides you with the analytics of the rate of engagement of each of your instructors. It provides you with the insights and database for good decision making.


  • Custom webpage for each client
  • Automated Marketing
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Mobile friendly


The starting price is $110/month. There is no free version and it offers no free trial.

7. Pike13

Pike13 homepage


Pike 13 eases the burdensome task of managing a fitness program by providing you with automated[1]  fitness management packages with high returns. It provides you with detailed metrics and insights that enable you to make the best decision to ensure a healthy business. One of the advantages of  this Yoga Studio Management Software is that it is mobile accessible.


  • Tracking client attendance
  • Trainee management
  • Automated and online registration
  • Employee management


The package is offered at a starting price of $129.00/month. It offers free trial but there are no free versions.

8. Omnify

Yoga studio Managament software; Omnify homepage


With Omnify, you can bid administrative headaches of your fitness business a bye!  It is a awesome digital package with a centralized dashboard that branches into different operational segments such as scheduling, communication, subscription, offers, and membership. This particular Yoga Studio Management Software is a brilliant choice for hospitals and community fitness centers. 


  • Custom webpages for members
  • Automated payment
  • Automated membership renewals


The starting price is at 39.00/month. There is a free trial but no free version. Free demo is also available.

9. StudioBookings

Yoga studio Managament software; Studiobookings homepage


StudioBookings performs the dual role of time saving and cost-effectiveness. You can save up to $1000 per year with this software with this virtual fitness package. It has subscribers across the board in Cycling, Pilates, Yoga, etc. It is useful for small to medium fitness studio owners. It is a Yoga Studio Management Software that is all fitness administrators’ choice.


  • Automated payments
  • Automated scheduling
  • Team management
  • Online streaming


It comes with a starting price of $45.00/month, and It offers a 14 day free trial. There is no free version.

10. Calendly

Calendly homepage


Calendly is richly packaged with powerful functions that will enable easy administration of your fitness programs. It is designed primarily for scheduling meetings without back-and-forth emails, but it can be localized by studio administrators for scheduling fitness classes as well.

It is easy to interact with due to its simple interface. It is a brilliant tool for scheduling and scaling priorities and enables the users to work effectively smarter. This yoga studio management software gives the avenue to connect with other users and automates group scheduling. Calendly works well with different digital environments such as Google, Stripe, outlook calendars, Zapier, etc.


  • Reminders automation
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Automated booking
  • Digital payments
  • Collective class scheduling
  • Date and calendar automation


The starting price is at $10.00/month. There is a free version and a free trial.


If you manage a fitness and wellness program, I know you will be very happy with the plethora of digital packages that have been sketched out in this piece. Yours is the luxury to enjoy huge returns from your business by making use of this amazing yoga studio management software.

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