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10 Best yoga business podcasts to help you grow your studio

With the best yoga business podcasts, you can easily digest vital tips and updates that empower and inspire you to run your business successfully. You don’t need to set aside a separate time to pour over readable materials and video. These yoga podcasts will fill your mind with ingenious ideas and redirect your focus to the crucial things you need to look out for.

We’ve assembled a list of the best yoga business podcasts to help you create and execute a more effective daily business plan as a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, or yoga entrepreneur. These yoga business podcasts are run by, and regularly feature the movers and shakers of the industry.

M.B.Om Podcast

mastering the business of yoga

This podcast gears you up for exploits in your Yoga career, allowing you to learn cutting-edge tips from highly experienced guests. Tune in every week to hear from high-level yoga teachers, studio owners, online yoga teachers, and yoga entrepreneurs.

The show’s host Amanda is a leading figure in the industry. If she isn’t bringing on guests to reveal powerful secrets, she’s dishing out secrets of her own successful business. She takes on the realities of being a yoga teacher and the possibilities of being a yoga teacher from a unique standpoint.

Love Teaching Yoga Podcast

Yoga business; Michelle Linane's love teaching yoga

Another yoga business podcast that brings you top-notch tips and resources from leading figures around the world, Love Teaching Yoga Podcast. This podcast aims to groom you into an influential yoga teacher.

The podcast is run by Michelle Linane, a well-established yoga teacher and ravenous yoga student. You can join her on her student-teacher journey as she tackles yoga career issues from a cutting-edge perspective.  

She’ll inspire you to set ambitious but realistic goals and also provide you with practical tips and insights. This will help you and your customers achieve desirable outcomes.

The Mentor Session

The mentor session for yoga teachers

Run by full-time yoga teacher Francesca Cervaro, this podcast provides plenty of insights and tips to help you sharpen your teaching acumen. You can tune in regularly to gain valuable insights that’ll help you make expedient decisions in your career.

Francesca focuses more on yoga rather than the business aspect of your yoga business, helping you increase your technical finesse as a yoga teacher.

Francesca will help you find better ways to improve the lives of your customers and create better value propositions for your business. She tackles issues relating to customer relationships, teaching methods, and the best teaching practices.  

Abundant Yoga Teacher Podcast

abundant yoga teacher

With this podcast, you’ll be able to identify the things that are actually limiting your yoga business. Host Amy McDonald talks hard about many things that yoga practitioners often do wrongly.

You’ll get to learn how to package and market your business without becoming pushy or salesy’. Tune in every week to learn new ways to improve your yoga business prospects.

Besides the inspiration and guidance, you’ll get from the podcast, you can also get more coaching support from Amy’s team.

The Blissful Biz with Susanne Rieker

The blissful bill with Sussanne Reiker

This blog equips you with the knowledge and resources you need to rev up your internet marketing campaigns. Host Susanne is a seasoned yoga teacher and digital marketing expert.

Each week, she releases digital marketing recordings focusing on topics like marketing digital products and social media marketing. She also sheds light on touchy issues that are often swept under the carpet.

These issues have serious consequences for your business if unattended to. She’ll help you adopt the best values and goals needed to build a thriving yoga business.

From The Heart: Conversations With Yoga Girl Podcast

from the heart by yoga girl

Host Rachal Brathan aka Yoga Girl takes a holistic approach to coaching yoga teachers. She covers everything concerning the personal and professional lives of yoga teachers, from motherhood to entrepreneurship, passions and personal goals.

Aiming to promote modern lifestyles, she touches on many other lifestyle habits besides yoga, including holistic therapy, mental health support, and meditation.

She’s also a passionate community builder, making efforts to pull together a supportive community of yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts.

Marketing Yoga with Confidence

marketing yoga with confidence

Another highly insightful yoga podcast that offers proven marketing tips and resources. Marketing Yoga with Confidence is run by Amanda McKinney, who’s a seasoned Marketing Coach for Yoga Teachers.

That means you’ll get to learn marketing from the masters of the art. Amanda is always eager to share her wealth of knowledge, dropping new episodes loaded with vital information consistently every week.

You’ll get cutting-edge information and tips on a wide range of topics, including social media marketing, digital product launches, and lots more.

The Yogiprenuer

one of many Yoga business podcasts titled "Yogipreneur" by Kelly McHugh

Host Kelly McHugh always gives her yoga teacher audience a shot in the arm with every episode of this podcast.

A yoga entrepreneur, yoga teacher, and founder of Digital Yoga Academy, Kelly is passionate about helping yoga teachers earn more money while enjoying more free time to spend on the things they love the most.

She always shows up in every episode with actionable tips that you can put to use immediately to improve your fortunes.

The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

The connected yoga teacher

Want a reliable source of information to keep up with the latest trends and best practices in the industry?

Tune into Connected Yoga Teacher every week to get cutting-edge information on issues like online yoga studios, yoga teacher training, and digital marketing for yoga businesses.

In this podcast, Shannon Crow uses her steep yoga entrepreneurial experience to shed light on things that most yoga teachers hardly ever notice.

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The Business of Yoga by Yoga Journal

Business of yoga - obe of many yoga business podcasts

Featuring interviews with leading yoga teachers, this podcast is a reliable place to get top-notch information. Experts come on the show every week to shed light on a wide range of issues, from marketing to leadership, social media management, and community building.

You’ll get to learn how best to position your yoga business to leverage both internal factors and external factors in your business. You’ll also find lots of inspiration and motivational tips on each episode.

The Lively Show Podcast

The lively show

Here’s the final podcast that you can always tune in to find inspiration and practical tips to create and grow a thriving yoga business.

It covers a wide genre of topics from cutting-edge expert perspectives, from relationships to career, metaphysics, and personal passions.

The show’s hosts have been passionate bloggers and social media influencers for about a decade now. A host of influential figures like Brene Brown, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Elizabeth Gilbert have graced the show.


These yoga business podcasts will provide you with fresh, proven ideas and tips to achieve financial freedom with your yoga business. They’re all run by well-known industry figures and successful yoga entrepreneurs. They’ll help keep you abreast of the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

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