Fitness Marketing and Business Podcasts

10 Best Fitness Marketing and Business Podcasts in 2021

Need fresh ideas and more powerful tips for running your fitness without having to pour through endless blogs and publications or watch hours of Youtube videos?

Fitness marketing and business podcasts are right up your alley! Podcasts are one of the best mediums for learning effectively while multitasking, according to 63% of pollsters in a recent poll.

You can listen to fitness marketing and business podcasts to gain insights and tips wherever, whenever – on the go, during workouts, while cooking, and when you’re juggling many things at the same time. Simply play the podcast recording on your phone, plug in your earpieces, and listen in on tips on issues like increasing revenue, customer relation management, marketing, etc., while working on other things.

In this list, we’ve put together a list of the leading fitness business podcasts that provide regular updates on the latest industry trends and as well as fresh ideas and inspiration to move your business forward.

10 Best Fitness Marketing Podcasts in 2021

Future of Fitness

Fitness Marketing and Business Podcasts

Run by Eric Malzone, the co-founder of Fitness Marketing Alliance, this podcast regularly features interviews of the industry’s most influential figures.

Eric sits down with high-caliber guests once every week to discuss issues ranging from business practices to software and technology, marketing secrets, networking, and lots more.

Their discussions usually revolve around digitizing and modernizing your fitness business. With every episode, there’s always plenty of cutting-edge tips and hacks to take home.

Fitness Business Asia Podcast

Fitness Business Asia with Jack Thomas

Geared towards Asian audiences but also providing a lot of valuable insights that can be applied anywhere in the world, Fitness Business Asia is one of the most informative fitness marketing and business podcasts you should follow. They’ve been consistently churning new content every week since they launched in 2018.

They focus mainly on tips for achieving growth in a highly competitive industry. You’ll get to learn new tips and tricks for enhancing your value propositions and improving your customer satisfaction. They’re also a community-centric voice, promoting fitness business solutions that foster community spirit.

The Fitness Entrepreneur Podcast

Fitness Marketing and Business Podcasts

Launched almost a decade ago, the Fitness Entrepreneur podcast is one of the oldest and most renowned fitness marketing and business podcasts out there. Every week for years on end, the show’s host Phil Graham has been doling out effective tips and tricks for making money with online fitness business to an ever increasing audience.

He covers various topics relating to brand awareness, automation, and productivity. He also interviews some of the world’s leading fitness entrepreneurs regularly on issues like marketing, sales, and team building.

Fitness Business University With Vince Gabriele

Fitness Marketing and Business Podcasts

Vince Gabriele, a fitness veteran with over 18 years of experience offers brass tacks tips and personal strategies he’s used to run his gym successfully through the years. He has a wealth of experience that he shares once every week with other gym owners on the Fitness Business University podcast.

You can tune in every week to get proven tips on how to attract more clients, make more money, and grow your business effortlessly. If you’re struggling as a gym owner, Vince’s tips will help you quickly earn your stripes to achieve financial freedom.

Fitness Business Authority Podcast

Fitness Business Authority, an Interactive Podcast

A more interactive podcast, fitness business authority provides a platform for fitness business owners to talk directly to industry leaders. You’ll get to ask them questions about various aspects of your fitness business, from marketing to sales, and customer care.

You’ll get to learn top-notch social media and digital marketing tips from prolific fitness business influencers twice every week.

The Fitness Business Podcast

Fitness Marketing and Business Podcasts

The Fitness Business podcast is a weekly podcast that’s been running for over six years now, providing leading edge tips and strategies for free to fitness business entrepreneurs, managers, and career individuals.

The podcast features leading fitness business experts from around the world every week, covering issues related to running a successful fitness business.

On every episode, guest speakers provide book recommendations and 3 action steps that listeners can immediately apply to achieve desired results.

LifeChanger Podcast | How to Grow Your Fitness Business

Fitness Marketing and Business Podcasts

This podcast’s host, Sterling Griffin, is a fitness business veteran that has helped hundreds of coaches quit their jobs and achieve financial freedom with their online fitness business.

He uses the LifeChanger Podcast to share his wealth of knowledge in building personal brands, marketing, and sales. You might want to tune in a few times every month to learn tips to grow your online business from a successful fitness entrepreneur.

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Barbells and Briefcases Podcast

Barbells and Briefcase, a monthly podcast for entrepreneurs and managers

This podcast churns out interviews, case studies, guides, and many other resources to help fitness business entrepreneurs and career individuals break through. They’re a monthly podcast, but you wouldn’t want to miss an episode because they’re chockfull of valuable information and tips from leading figures in the industry.

Balanced Body with Ashley Mazurek

Body Balanced Podcast with Ashley Mazurek

Host Ashley Mazurek sits down once every blue moon to reveal tips and secrets that are useful to every fitness business owner, from those just starting out to people who’re far off in their journey and everyone in between. The podcast also features interviews with fitness influencers about insights that’ll help you launch and grow your online business.

The Small Business Big Marketing Show

small business big marketing show with Timbo Reid

Host Tim Reid has been releasing monthly episodes packed full of expedient marketing tips since 2009. This podcast is also geared towards fitness business entrepreneurs at all points on the business journey, providing proven tips for starting and growing your business into an enviable enterprise. You’ll find plenty of useful tips here that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to implement successfully.

Summing Up

Whether you’re a fitness business entrepreneur, manager, or career individual, you’ll find many fitness business podcasts on this list that can help you learn more tips and tricks to improve your business effortlessly. They provide you with tips and tricks from seasoned experts and industry leaders. They’ll recommend books, action plans, and other resources that you can quickly put to use to generate quick results.

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